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Mrs. Prosser's 1st and 2nd Grade Heroes

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

August 2010
Gina Brazeal-Thanks for all your help around the classroom during prep week. You rock!
Angela Hansen-Thanks for all your help with various classroom tasks. You are a mom above moms!
Wanda Miller-Thanks for your help in tearing apart those big workbooks. You are a special friend.

Sept. 2010
Angela Hansen-Thanks for planning some field trips for 1st and 2nd grade. What a huge help.

October 2010
Marlena Jahn-Thanks for organizing and planning the booth at Fall Festival. I know that many other parents helped man the booth and sent donations for supplies. You are all appreciated.
Angela Hansen, Tina Finnegan, Angie Hircock-Thank you for being those extra hands and eyes on the field trip to Weston Red Barn Farm. You are dedicated and dear mothers.

December 2010
Angela Hansen, Valerie Rexin and Audry Ross-Thank you for your willing spirits and dear attitudes as you worked with the children on our recent field trip to attend The Mystery of Christmas Ballet. You are appreciated.