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Clip Chart Recognition Plan
Clip ChartGrades K-6 will be using a new recognition/discipline plan this school year called Clip Chart Discipline. While a teacher may make some minor changes in the plan to fit their specific classroom, the general idea is as follows:
The Chart consists of just two items. 
1.  A laminated strip of paper that has been divided into seven levels.
2.  A set of clothespins with the name of a student written on each one.
The clothespins are clipped to the left and right edges of the Ready to Learn level of the chart. During the course of the day, the clothespins move and down the chart based upon the choices in behavior that each student makes. Good behavior causes the clothespin to move up one level. Conversely, inappropriate behavior will cause the clothespin to move down one level.
What could be easier? And what could be more student-friendly? Instead of just recognizing a student when there is a problem, this plan will allow the teaching staff to recognize and reward good behavior as well.
A student using the Clip Chart experiences a real sense of accomplishment as his clothespin moves up the chart because of good choices. If Johnny goes out of his way to exhibit positive behavior, if he ends up as Outstanding by the end of the day, it’s because he earned it. Instead of just starting out at the top level, you actually got there by being a responsible, productive student.
Way to go, hard worker!
If there does happen to be a discipline problem, a student will be asked to move her clothespin down a level or two. But with the Clip Chart, she still has the opportunity to improve behavior and see her clothespin rise to a better level. This fundamental difference gives the teacher the freedom to ask that a clothespin be moved down, secure in the knowledge that the student can be restored to her former position later in the day when she is making better choices. The thought that a child is offered a chance at redemption is not only a powerful motivator for the student, it also enables the teacher to act on problem behavior and not just talk about it.
When the day is over, all of the clothespins will be returned to the Ready to Learn level. This demonstrates grace and sends encouraging message to your students.

What’s past is past.  The slate has been wiped clean.

Today is a new day.  Make it a good one.

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