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Middy the Mustang Mascot traveled around the Midland area during the 2008-2009 school year. Here are his visiting locations and the monthly contest winners...

May: Shawnee Mission Medical Center
Winners: no winners - not one!

Flowers courtesy of Pedro  I table that motion  
Steppin' up in the world  Caution, grid overhead

Pioneer Crossing Park
Winners: Drew Hickman, Sarah Whitson, Addison Murray

Aw, how sweet!  Good old rocky top 
Those aren't apostrophes  Clip clop clip

Mid-America Sports Complex
Winners: Elizabeth Schlinsog, Drew Hickman

I'm havin' a ball!  I'm not blue, but that roof sure is! 
Nothing but netting  Red post at night, sailor's delight

Old Town Lenexa
Winners: Sarah Whitson, Elizabeth Schlinsog

I'll take a slice  I'm in good hands, but this ain't Allstate!  
I'm stationary...  The Tin man would approve.

January: Leglar Barn Museum
Winners: Sarah Whitson, Elizabeth Schlinsog, Alicia Whitson

Tour de Mustang  Foreground, background.  
I'll table that motion...  I am Iron Man

December: Thomas Soetaert Aquatic Center
Winners: Drew Hickman, Elizabeth Schlinsog, Alicia Whitson


November: Theatre in the Park
Winners: Sarah Whitson, Elizabeth Schlinsog, Drew Hickman

hmm... blanket or lawn chair?  Exit - stage left! 
my name in lights!  Do horses get seasick?

October:  Johnson County Museum of History
Winners: Jenni Glass, Elizabeth Schlinsog

Blue signs, smilin' at me  Just looking over my shoulder... 
This stone is certainly historic...  A long time ago (but not a galaxy far, far away!)

corner of Maurer Road & Midland Drive
Winner: Angie Helmer

Horses and corners and carts, oh my!  Just horsin' around with my buds! 
It's round-up time!