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Grades 3 - 4
Updated: Sep 1, 2016

Welcome to the 3rd & 4th grade page!

Mrs. Hoffman's Classroom

December 14-18, 2015

There are three things I want to share with you regarding our classroom.
Spelling City – This is an online spelling program that your child can access during the week to practice their words. We do this in school every Monday so your child knows how to “get around” this program. I have attached the link here.
Friday Folders – Each Friday your child will bring home a “Friday Folder” containing graded work done during the week. Please take a moment to review these assignments, and return the EMPTY folder on Monday. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me. With the amount of grading and recording that I do each night, sometimes I might miss something. Also don’t forget to regularly check Renweb to view your child’s progress.
SRC – Scholastic Reading Counts is an on-going outside reading program where students earn points for books they have read. Points are earned by the student by taking a test and scoring 80% or above. Each book has a point value. Students must earn a predetermined number of points each quarter that cumulates to a final number of points for the school year. I will be sending more information about SRC during the second week of September. Due to new PCs we are still in the process of trying to set up the program.

Here’s What’s Happening in 3rd and 4th Grade

Ie Here’s What’s Happening in 3rd and 4th Grade – December 14, 2015
WOW! We are almost to the end of the first semester. There are several items that I need to share with you for this week.
  • Giving Back - Students in third and fourth grade will be helping with the gift giving outreach that Mrs. Rincon’s class is doing with the New Haven Food Pantry. Students are being asked to donate a new toy of $5.00. Over 300 families are served each month. During the month of December families can also select a Christmas gift for their children. Gifts will need to be brought to the school by Monday, Dec. 14.
  • Elementary Christmas Program –Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 6:30. Your child will need to be at school by 6:15. Students arriving before 6:15 will need to be with parent supervision.
  • Elementary Christmas Skating Party – Friday, Dec. 18, at 10:00 at Skate World. A permission slip with cost information went home on Friday.
Bible – This week we will talk about the wisdom that we can receive only from God. Our memory verse is, “If any of you needs wisdom you should ask God for it. God is generous and He enjoys giving to all people.” James 1:5.
Language Arts Workshop – We will be finishing the book, The Story of George Washington Carver. This has been a very inspiring story of courage and strength in following God’s plan for your life. This week we will do Lesson 16 for spelling. The list words are at the end of this page. In English we will practice the Six Writing Traits.
Math – In third grade we will continue learning about division. This is their first experience with division. There are some wonderful website where they can practice their “new” math skill. In fourth grade we will start fractions. We will spend the next couple of months in math focusing on fractions. Students will be learning how to find common denominators, write fractions in their simplest form, and rename a mixed fraction. These are all new math skills and there will most likely be math homework so they can really practice and strengthen these skills.
Science – We will continue with our study on the various body systems. Last week we covered the respiratory system and this week will cover the nervous system and circulatory system.
Social Studies – We are still learning about the northeast region.
This week’s spelling words are:


Spelling Words L-16  (December 14-18 Spelling Words  (December 21-25)
3rd Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade
1. count
2. louder
3. cloudy
4. frown
5. towels
6. power
7. drown
8. crowd
9. pounds
10. browse
11. sounded
12. however
13. outdoors
14. surround
15. household
16. downtown
17. playground
18. outstanding
19. different
20. probably
1. flood
2. youth
3. blood
4. young
5. rough
6. group
7. couple
8. cousins
9. country
10. through
11. touched
12. although
13. shoulder
14. doughnut
15. French
16. service
17. recoup
18. redouble
19. untroubled
20. unwounded
There are none.
It's Christmas Break!
There are none.
It's Christmas Break!