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September 14, 2016

Dan Kittle, Principal

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. - Aristotle

Ancient wisdom challenges me to reflect on the “why” and the “how” of the mystery of learning and character shaping that is the core activity of teachers and principals every day. So I offer these observations for your consideration and review:

  • The “heart” is educated by the “heart”
  • Curriculum is written in the ink of compassion
  • Lessons are scripted for the pedagogy of humility
  • Outcomes are measured on the scale of kindness
  • The evidence of our success will be revealed as justice in our relationships with others

Education is eternal for it alters our core of knowledge and the essence of our heart, changing the course of our lives forever. Here at MAA staff and students engage in Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts, Training Hands for Jesus every day...on our journey toward eternity.

The Principal Says...

The elegant engagement of physical activity on the soccer "pitch", volleyball court, or the runner's pace reminds me of the beauty that God designed into the human form. And in these brief moments, it is as if we have shed the burden of expectations of gender, race, and creed and are sore-free if just for an instant.

We call it sports, competition, or just a game. And yet, it seems to be a place of unique growth and transformation where girls learn lessons of womanhood and boys of manhood. This week I witnessed the Senior nights of our Woman's Varsity Volleyball team and of our Men's Varsity Soccer team. I am proud of the sportsmanship, leadership, and discipleship that I see in each of our players.