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Alumni updates

With over 200 Midland alumni to choose from, we're sure you're doing and achieving some amazing things. To help spread the word, we'll be featuring new alumni success stories whenever we get them. We're counting on you to let us know what's happening out there, so use our Updates page if you have news of a former Midland Mustang! You can also visit the Alumni page on Facebook, or follow the Alumni Twitter account at @MAAAlumni.

Principal RaeLea and STEAM

AcroClubNine years ago, RaeLea Rebarchek Frishman was a month away from graduation as a member of the class of 2008. After majoring in Education at Union College, she is now principal and one of two teachers at Hillcrest School in North Dakota. She and her school were recently featured in an article in the Jamestown Sun concerning STEAM in the classroom.

A pilot program is using technology to provide students with an enhanced science learning experience within a Christian-based curriculum. Hillcrest School in Jamestown has been integrating STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) in the grade 1-8 curriculum all year, said RaeLea Frishman, principal. A new project incorporates critical thinking, hands-on experiences and creativity to enhance STEAM in a small school setting, she said.

“The Our Creator’s Space program is a pilot project for us,” Frishman said. “We are piloting the lesson plans for the circulatory system and forces of motion, but we are implementing the STEAM concepts and tools into our regular classrooms.”

The article also contained a short video of RaeLea teaching one of her science classes. Way to make Midland proud, alumni!

Another Alumni Success Story

Jacob TranasWhen attending Midland back in the early 2000s, Jacob Trana probably had little idea that he would someday be working as a graphics designer for a bank in Lincoln, NE. But the 2011 MAA graduate is now doing exactly that, turning an internship into a full-time job after graduation.

Elizabeth Bearden writes on the Union College website, "Internships are often an excellent way for students to peek inside their future career. While some students might be afraid their time will be taken with filing or coffee runs, 2015 graduate Jacob Trana was able to subvert expectations by becoming an integral part of Union Bank & Trust Company during his internship, which became a full-time job after graduation. (continue reading...)"

Alumni News 2015

Green GablesAlicia Whitson (MAA class of 2014) has been working with a crew this summer in Toronto/Canada on Season 2 of Green Gables Fables, a modern adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series. Stories in USA Today and The Guardian) give kudos to Green Gables Fables and this new way of storytelling. The story is told in the form of vlogs, tweets, Tumblr posts, and other social media. After completing season one (which aired from December 2014 to February 2015), the crew used Kickstarter.com, a fundraising platform for creative projects, to raise funds needed to create Season 2. Season 2 is scheduled to premiere in September 2015.

  • You can find YouTube episodes for Season 1 here 
  • Or perhaps join the more than 1,500 followers on Twitter @GGFables
  • Or learn more from the Web site 

Green Gables Fables was created by Alicia Whitson, Mandy Harmon, and Marie Trotter, with Mandy Harmon starring as Anne Shirley. Alicia is the Head Writer. Congratulations to Alicia and the crew for a successful Season 1! Hope you have a great summer and fun time creating Season 2. We are now looking forward to the Season 2 premiere.

2014 Honor Classes

15-year Honor Class (1999)
 Darchelle Worley

Peter Yelorda (President), Carlos Mott (Vice-president), Fawn Brown (Secretary), Michael Larson (Treasurer / SA President 1998), Dean Holtz (Pastor), Brandon Edwards (Sgt. at Arms), Tesha Banks (Public Relations), Wayne Douglas Rowe (Hot Lunch), Carlos Prieto (Activities), Tasha Reynolds (Fundraising / SA President), Susan Colt (Hot Lunch)


10-year Honor Class (2004)
 Karen Leslie

Cortney Neuharth (President), Rebecca Fairchild (Vice-president), Nathan Rebarchek (Secretary), Robert Leslie (Treasurer), Luke Mackey (Pastor / SA President), Eric Todd (Sgt. at Arms), Anthony Banks, Christopher Perry, Jaqwan Sirls, Stephen Small


5-year Honor Class (2009)
 Keith Vollmer
Mitchell Seltman (President), Megan Prosser (Vice-president), Nathan Kern (Secretary-treasurer), Shilah Mann (Hot lunch coordinator), Breanna Fenton (Pastor), Mikey Archibeque (Sgt. at Arms / SA President), Samuel Adams, Brittany Brazeal, Jordan Breyer, Kenny DaCosta, Kirsten Dahl, Jared Johnson, Melissa Naumann, Zachary Wiles

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Alumni "Missing in Action"

We are progressing on the Alumni database, but we need your help! There are quite a few alumni that we have lost touch with. If you have contact with, or know how to reach some of our missing alums, please email the information to our Alumni Association or contact Midland Adventist Academy.

This includes faculty as well as students!

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