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No phonesWe are gearing up for another great year at Midland! We have a wonderful Home and School leadership team; but we need you! The reason that Midland Adventist Academy has been successful is because of God's abundant blessing and the amazing volunteers who have given their time and talents to assist in activities at the school. We need every parent to partner with us for our Home and School to be a success.

Below is a list of activities that Home and School has been proud to sponsor. In order for us to continue these projects again this school year, we will need at least two (2) parent volunteers to assist with each activity.

  • Back to School Night Dinner
  • Scrip Fundraiser 
  • Trash bag fundraiser - September
  • Fall Fesitival if we have people who want to do it. October
  • Elementary Chapels - Fridays throughout school year.
  • Refreshments for Christmas and Spring concerts. December and May. 
  • Week of Health - February 
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation - April

So grab a friend and please let me know which event you would like to help with. I know everyone is busy and this is a time commitment but MAA is an awesome school and it will only get better and be more amazing when we all work together. Thank you so much for your commitment to helping Home and School be a success.

One of the items in the article below suggests "Pick up something extra while at the store". The teachers at Midland were recently polled as to what supplies would be most useful, and here's the Official List. So help a teacher, help the students!

Glue Sticks
Small scissors
Fabric glue
Disinfecting wipes
Dry Erase markers
Post-It Notes
Construction paper

Large Sharpie markers
Good sharp scissors
   (academy teachers)
Playground rubber balls
Bibles (other than NIV)
Empty plastic bottles
   (2 liter, 1 liter, 20-oz)
Sport-top water bottles
Ziploc Freezer bags
   (quart size)
Post-It Pad
   (flip-chart size)
Hand sanitizer
Index cards
Tissue paper
Cotton balls
White Board wipes 

Involved Parents

Kids whose parents are active in school have higher grades and better attendance. How to get involved?
  • Attend your school's open house and introduce yourself to the principal and Home and School leaders. Let them know you want to participate.
  • Offer to help out in your child's class. Even if you work full-time, you can prepare materials, plan class activities, or make phone calls.
  • Join the Home and School association and help raise funds and meet other parents.
  • Help the school set up a parent center, where parents can get information, hold meetings, and plan activities.
  • Share your talents: perform at a school event, speak to classes, or help build bookshelves.
(article adapted from Readers Digest)

Have you ever wondered how you can help at Midland when your free time is limited? Here are a couple of suggestions that our students and faculty would really appreciate:
  • Collect Box Tops for Education  - It's amazing how many items have these little rectangles on them. Toilet paper, paper plates, cleaning supplies, snack items - they are everywhere. The school get 10¢ for each one. Midland uses these to purchase equipment and supplies that are used in many classrooms. Just clip the label and drop them off at Mrs. Fairchild's office. We'll take care of it from there.
  • Send a note of appreciation - Notes of encouragement go a long way. Our staff gets a real lift when they hear good things about the job they do. And not only teachers appreciate a kind word - don't forget the people who do their work behind the scenes, like the finance office, maintanance, and secretary.
  • Pick up something extra while at the store - It doesn't have to be expensive. Teachers are always needing Post-it notes, pens, pencils and erasers for their classroom. The younger classrooms use small goodies to reward the students for doing a good job. Stop at the $1 section and pick up one or two items to help keep the teacher's goodie bags filled up.
  • Use Your Target card to earn cash for Midland - When you use your Target Card, Target donates 1% of your purchase to the school. This may not sound like a lot, but every penny helps! We are eligible to receive a check once a year. Visit Target.com/tcoe or call 1-800-316-6142 to designate our school to receive the donations.
  • Attend special programs and events - One of the easiest ways you can support the teachers and students is by attending the special programs that they present at the churches and school. Just by being there you show them that they are important and that you care about what they are doing and learning.