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School principals
Midland (and it's predecessor schools) have had many principals over the years, The following list goes back to 1943, and covers four schools:
Midland Adventist Academy 

6915 Maurer Road
Shawnee, KS
New Haven SDA School / Overland Park SDA School

87th & Riggs
Overland Park, KS
Midland Adventist School 
6915 Maurer Road
Shawnee, KS
Kansas City Church School / Kansas City Intermediate

1110 N. 18th Street
Kansas City, KS

Points of interest
  • The New Haven and Kansas City schools merged in 1970 to form Midland Adventist School
  • Gary Kruger (MAA), Iris Darrell (KCC), and Mary Wakefield (KCC) share the longest tenure for a principal at six years
  • The average length of a principal's service at one of these four schools is 2 1/2 years
  • Joseph Schnell was principal at the KC Church School for three years, then became New Haven's principal for one
  • Don Hoskinson was principal of the New Haven school in 1969, then became principal of Midland after the merger
  • Mary Wakefield is the only name on the list to serve two separate terms (1945-1951 and 1956-1967)
  • Midland moved from it's Overland Park location to Maurer in 1980

School Principals

Midland Adventist Academy New Haven SDA School
Dan Kittle 2016-present Dan Hoskinson 1969-1970
Randy Bovee 2012-2016 Joseph Schnell 1968-1969
Trudy Hoffman 2008-2012 Kenneth Fair 1966-1968
Gary Kruger 2002-2008 Clarence Gladden 1963-1966
Teryl Loeffler 1999-2002 Glendon Sibley 1961-1963
Robert Stevenson 1997-1999 Melvin Ward 1956-1961
Midland Adventist School Kansas City Church School
Gary Philpott  1992-1997 Richard Swanson 1968-1970
Mark Haynal  1988-1992 Joseph Schnell 1965-1968
John McCoy  1986-1988 William West, Jr. 1964-1965
Greg Gerard  1984-1986 Iris Darrell 1958-1964
Gwynn Carey  1980-1984 Inez Grossman* 1957-1958
Ralph Hollenbeck  1978-1980 Mary Wakefield* 1956-1957
Allan Sather  1976-1978 Note 1 1955-1956
Dennis Brown  1974-1976 Note 2 1953-1955
Duane Lemon  1971-1974 Howard Sinclair* 1952-1953
Dan Hoskinson  1970-1971 Melba Winfrey* 1951-1952
    Mary Wakefield* 1945-1951
    Grace Halsey* 1944-1945
    Mrs. G. Dahlberg* 1943-1944

Note 1: Mrs C.D. Adams OR Mr. C.D. Adams OR Milford Brown
Note 2: Mr. C.D. Adams AND Mrs. C.D. Adams
* no principal - only one teacher