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Supply List - High School

Below are the school supply lists for the Academy. All lists have been update for this new school year.

We will be updating the lists if there are any additional changes.

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classes for Mr. Borne (Science)  
classes for Physical Education
classes for Ms. Pearson (English)
classes for Mrs. Allen (Math and Physics) 
classes for Mr. Karr (History and Bible)

Mr. Borne's school supplies

3-ring binder with section dividers (needs to be a 2-inch binder with inside cover pockets)
colored pencils
scientific calculator
3-ring binder with section dividers
colored pencils
scientific calculator
composition book
3-ring binder with section dividers
scientific calculator
composition book
Physical Science
3-ring binder with section dividers
scientific calculator
7th & 8th
3-ring binder with section dividers
scientific calculator

Physical education school supplies

P.E. grades 7-12
Uniforms consisting of any of the following:
Shirts:  Midland shirt or solid-color T-shirt that covers shoulders and waistline
Sweats/Shorts:  any color, must be finger-tip length or longer
Shoes:  Athletic non-marring soles
Socks:  Yes

P.E. grades K-6
Uniforms consisting of any of the following:
Shoes: non-marking shoes that are comfortable for running, jumping, etc
Shorts: girls might want to have shorts to wear under dresses or skirts

Ms. Pearson's school supplies

  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Three-ring notebook - 1½” or 2” inch  
  • Tab dividers for notebook (5 tabs – 8 ½ “ x 11” three-hole punched)
  • Blue or black and red pens
  • Email account
  • Public Library Card (with access to research databases)
  • 3 x 5 note cards (100+)

Mrs. Allen's school supplies

Algebra I
Algebra II
Advanced Math

No spiral notebook paper of any kind will be allowed in class! (this includes graph paper)

All Students:

  • Large 3-ring binder for graded work and notes
  • Tabbed dividers for binder
  • Lined paper for binder
  • Graph paper - 3 hole punched, not spiral bound
  • 12-inch ruler
  • TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator (not required for Algebra I*)
Geometry students will also need a compass and a protractor

Note:  Algebra I will only need a scientific calculator.
          If you are going to purchase a new one, I recommend that you
          save yourself some money and buy the TI-83 or TI-84 to start 
          with. Your student will need it in future math classes.

Mr. Karr's school supplies 

Bible I and II

  • 1.5" binder
  • college rule paper
  • notebook
  • red pen
  • black/blue pen
  • mechanical pencil .07
  • thick eraser
  • scissors
  • box of basic color pencils
  • box of basic washable markers (thick kind)
  • black sharpie