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Parents and Students,

Welcome to the home page for the 7th & 8th grades - both grades are taught by Mr. Greg Hallock. Here you will be able to find information about class schedules, assignments, field trips, and other items of interest concerning the 7th and 8th grade class.

This school year the 7th and 8th grade class will be raising money for field trips, class trips, and the 8th grade graduation. We will be serving hot lunches on Mondays of every other week, as well as working together on other fundraising activities. If you are interested or able to contribute your time or talents to any of these activities, please let me know.

The students are best served when parents and teachers work closely together. So if there is something you would like to discuss with me directly, the best way to contact me is at greg.hallock@midlandacademy.org.

Greg Hallock
7th and 8th Grade Teacher

What’s happening (or will be happening) in the 7th and 8th grade

Union College

It has been a crazy month for the 7th and 8th graders. We have enjoyed many informative, fun field trips.

One of the field trips was to the Kauffman Center. There, we learned about protecting the Earth’s oceans. The class was taught by a National Geographic photographer. He shared many beautiful pictures about them, accompanied by stories about his personal experiences with sharks, seals, and coral reefs.  We learned about protecting the environment by picking up litter, saving water, and only buying responsibly harvested fish products. 

In history, we have been learning about World War I.  We enjoyed watching history come alive when we visited the famous World War I Museum.
The 7th and 8th graders are looking forward to many more awesome field trips such as another talk at the Kauffman Center and the annual 5th through 8th grade Midland Snow Creek adventure.  We have also enjoyed many days off, including a delightfully surprising snow day.
--Heidi Burke
This past month in history we had a section about World War I, or The Great War. At the end of the section we were able to go to the World War I Museum. This was my favorite field trip so far this year. There were a lot of great artifacts there.  Our tour guide was the best. He did a great job explaining what everything was. They had replicas of the trenches; it made me feel sorry for those poor soldiers. There was a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was really neat. Something else that was really neat there was two letters that were to the same guy, and he received them on the same day.  The first one said that some guy in Kansas was getting drafted.  The second one said, “thank you for your service”. The war had ended the same day he was drafted! On the tour of the museum, they also had split us up into two groups. One group heard more individual stories about the soldiers, and the other saw more artifacts.       
 ~Janessa Newton~
A few weeks ago we went to the Kauffman Center for a field trip. We watched a documentary about a guy that worked for National Geographic and took photos of animals who live under water. (E.g sharks, whales, seals, fish, etc.) It was really cool.
Also, we went to the WWI museum. We saw trenches, tanks, weapons, uniforms, and much more. The trenches were really cool. They showed us some of the different trenches from the different countries. They said that the French trenches were the worst and the Germans had the best. In WWI the trenches were filled with rats, mud, poop, and a lot of other gross stuff. It was pretty interesting and really cool. I would not have liked being in the trenches. They were really cluttered and looked gross. They also showed us a poster of Uncle Sam with the words “I want you for the U.S. Army” spread across the top and bottom. They also mentioned that when you move, the eyes and the finger still point at you. It was amazing and peculiar. 
Our class recently went skiing. I’m not a big fan of skiing. The first time I went, it was okay. It wasn’t really my favorite thing, nor was I skilled at it. 
In a couple of weeks we are going to the Kauffman Center again to see another presentation much like the first. I find them pretty interesting and relaxing. Overall, the last few weeks of school have been pretty fun. We had many field trips, days off, and more field trips to come. I’m really looking forward to what the next field trips are like. 
--Peyton Kreiter 
On February 12th, the 5th-8th grade went to a ski range. I've been skiing for two years now and for me, the experience has been amazing! Once you learn the basics, it'll be easy as cake. There's a lot of people in my class who have enjoyed skiing. I hope all those new people who have never skied will have a terrific time at Snow Creek. They may fall a couple of times or have to get use to the position they are.  I’m speaking from experience. But I assure you, you will have a blast. 
Speaking of field trips, we also had went to a World War 1 museum. We were split in two group and separated to go see different things that were interesting. Personally I had learned a lot when I was there. There were poppy flowers, Model-T Fords, and more unique things. The World War Museum was fun, and I hope those who will go there soon will have a great time.
We went to the WWI Museum and it was really cool. They had a lot of artifacts, and replicas too. They had models of the trenches, and they looked horrible to live in! Their food was pretty bad too.  They got emergency rations containing: hardtack, cigarettes, potted meat, and whiskey. If they got lucky, the chef would catch a rat or another animal to cook up in a stew. While they were in the trenches, they were prone to trench feet (a disease similar to athlete’s foot, except your toes turn black and fall off). The mud was horrible in WWI. Our tour guide said that the soldiers feared the mud as much as they feared the actual enemy. 
Another field trip we went to was at the Kauffman Center. A marine photojournalist, Brian Skerry, was the presenter. He showed us many different pictures he had taken over his career. We will be going to another one of those presentations next week. Then, on February 13 we went to Snow Creek to ski.
--Izaak Hansen 
In January 2018, we had a lot of fun. We went to a World War 1 museum and we saw some cool stuff. We saw some trenches, maps and some weapons. It was cool because it showed how they fought the war and what type of terrible conditions they fought in. I feel really bad for the soldiers that had to go through the war. We saw the trenches, it was terrible...dead rats everywhere...dead bodies. There was illnesses all the time and the food was terrible. They didn’t have any protection on their army suits. The soldiers also had a weird biscuit, it was as hard as a rock. They said that the soldiers would rather eat rats than that biscuit. It was a fun experience.  There was a lot of other things, another one of my favorites was the flowers that were planted under us, it was also awesome. We also did more stuff, but they weren’t as fun. I’m really looking forward to the other field trips.             
 ~Isaac Miranda~ 
 This year we have been on many fun activities like field trips and visits to the Kauffman Center and much more. The field trips that we have been to have been to the World War 1 Museum.  It was really cool. It showed us how life was like in the war.  I was really astonished by what the museum had to offer to us. 
Also, another field trip we had was to the Kauffman center.  There was this guy that was a photographer that told stories about his pictures. I like the picture that he had about the seals. They would always come up to the thin, stable ice and give birth to their young. The picture he had was of a baby seal.  It was adorable.  It was like I was actually there at the time he took the picture, because it looked so life like. 
Other activities we’ve been doing is the fruit truck. The fruit truck helps us gain money for our eighth grade class trip.  So what we do is unload the truck and then at the end we get money. On February 2, 2018 the eighth grade class had a bake to help with our class trip as well.  
~Alex Mireles~
The 7th and 8th graders have been doing science fair projects. And I like it because the project that I'm doing, I've been enjoying. When I was in 6th grade I did a project too, but it was “Do plants grow better in water or soil?: But yeah, that's what we have been doing in science. And we went to Snow Creek on Tuesday, February 13. It has been fun so far. The last time that I went to Snow Creek was two year ago and have never wanted to go skiing because the last time I went I sprained my ankle and hurt so bad. But I mean I still like going skiing. I really want to go skiing in Colorado. I love it there. We went to the  World War I Museum too.  There was a lot of artifacts. I love it, they had model trenches there, and it looked scary to live in. Our tour guide was a really good one. The mud was really bad in WWI .
--Celina Maldonado 
In class we went to the WWI Museum on the 23rd. We learned about how the trenches worked and how they were used. Most of the soldiers died from artillery shells that splattered mud all over the place and drowned lots of soldiers. Machine guns were used a lot in WWI . The   airplanes that were used weren’t that efficient at first. But they were used more and made better over time. 
We also went to the Kauffman center and learned about underwater creatures and how the National Geographic photographer had taken pictures of animals all over the world. There were lots of sea lion and fish pictures. Some of the kids that were asked questions wouldn’t know who the speaker was talking to and end up talking at the same time. The majority of the audience laughed. 
We had a bake sale on the 2nd of February. I brought some muffins to sell to support the 8th grade class.
--Ethan Ross
So not that long ago we were assigned to think of a science project we were going to put in the science fair we are doing at school. Now, we have started our projects and we will present on February 28th. No two projects will be the same. Our projects should be of our interest so that we can enjoy doing them and learn from them. We all have to have a project that is different than everyone else's. They will be judged by Midland’s school board. Each project will have to meet the right criteria. And then some time that week we will present our project. Anyone that wants to come can and they can check out everyone’s project. I am very excited about our project and am very excited about presenting them. I hope I do very good on my project and that everyone else does too.                                  
--Garrett Reimche 
We have had a  very eventful quarter. We went to the WW1 museum and got to see how the soldiers lived in the trenches. We also got to see some original propaganda art used to get people to help with the war. We also went the the Kauffman Center to see this person who takes pictures of marine animals. We saw a lot of cool pictures and learned some things about the ocean. There hasn't been any basketball games this quarter yet, but there was suppose to be one scheduled for February first for middle school,but that got canceled. But i'm sure we will have more games later in the quarter.
-Joseph Akins
On February 6th, 5-8th grade went to the Kauffman Center to watch another National Geographic show. Last time we went to the Kauffman Center we watched a presentation about marine animals. It was really cool and super interesting, but some parts made me kind of tired. Overall, I thought it was a really good presentation and very informative. Besides that, we had our annual 5th through 8th grade field trip to Snow Creek. Every year that I’ve gone there it has been really fun. I enjoy having almost a full day off school because that means no homework. Later on we will also be having our annual music festival. I really like music festival because we get to sing and I get to see people that I haven’t talked to in a while. Plus, the bus ride back home is really fun. I think these upcoming months will be the best ones yet. 
--Abby Collins
On February 13th, we went to Weston, MO to go skiing at Snow Creek. I’m in 7th grade, so it’s my third time going. I hope that I can continue to improve my ability. When I was in 5th grade, I went and got discouraged from falling a lot. Last year, I went and did better than I did the year before. For most of the time, I was racing some of my friends on the bunny hill. I did attempt the slope that takes you up with a rope. It was actually fairly easy. Near the time that I left, I tried going up on the lift. The first time I went up, I dropped my poles while I was on the lift. I don’t remember how I got down the hill, but I somehow did. The second time I went I lost my poles on the way down and hurt my ankle a little bit. I managed to survive though and I had a good time.
--Troy Poff
The 5th-8th grade went to Snow Creek. I went last year and it was fun. Michael had to help me because I am really bad at it, and I would keep falling every single time I got up, and he would say squish  the bug, so that I would put the ski back on.  Sometimes I could do it and sometimes it took forever for me to put the ski back on.  Hopefully I can learn to ski without falling every single time like I did last year. 
We also went on another field trip on February 6th to the Kauffman Center that was also be for the 5th-8th grade. Last time we went, we got to see some pictures of under the sea animals like sharks.  I am also looking forward for that.
-Amanda Alfaro
This quarter we have been very busy. We have had several field trips, eighth grade has been planning our class trip and fundraisers, and we have been working on science fair projects for Mr. Borne’s class. Throughout this year the 8th graders have been doing hot lunches, bake sales, and we have done a Christmas Store. We had a bake sale for February 2nd and are starting to plan our class trip and 8th grade graduation. 
We have gone on two field trips this month, the National Geographic and the World War 1 Museum. I enjoyed both of these field trips, but the World War 1 Museum was more interesting to me. I am very excited for one of our next field trips. We went to Snow Creek in mid-February. That field trip is the most fun, even when the snow isn’t the best. 
~Madison Piva~
On February 13, the 5th-8th graders went to Snow Creek. Last year when we went to Snow Creek, I had hurt my knee, and I was not able to ski. I was very disappointed that I was not able to ski, but I am definitely looking forward to it this year! I haven’t been skiing since I was in Michigan almost three years ago. I am always so nervous to ski at first, but once I go down the hill the first time, I am not nervous to go down anymore. Though we all may be cold, I love skiing and I always have a great time! We had to drive about an hour to get there, but my personal opinion would be that it was definitely worth the drive! We left almost as soon as we get to school and we got back around 4:00. I was ready for Snow Creek, and I hope the rest of my class was ready too! 
Kassidy Hinds~
The seventh and eighth graders had some fun field trips and a mid-winter break. On Tuesday February 6th, we went to the Kauffman Center in downtown Kansas City to see a National Geographic photographer speak about their experiences with nature in the wild. We also went to Snow creek on February 13th to have a day of fun on the slopes skiing and snowboarding. Like I said, going out to Snow Creek took up our whole day, as we planned to leave at 8 in the morning and got back around 4 in the afternoon. After Snow Creek we had time to relax over a four and a half day mid-winter break.  The break was a good time for some sleep, for a high school basketball tournament, and for spending time with friends and family.
--Blake Nelson
This year we have done some fun stuff.  We went on field trips like to the Kauffman Center to see a man who takes pictures of animals and nature, and we also went to the World War I Museum in downtown Kansas City. While we were at the museum we saw a short film, we walked around, and my favorite part was seeing all of the posters. My favorite one was “Uncle Sam” because wherever you went, his finger and eyes were still directly facing you. The poster says “I want you for U.S Army”. We also have more field trips coming up, including going to Snow Creek in Weston, Missouri. We were there for the whole day to ski and eat lunch there. We are going to the Kauffman Center again to see some more pictures of nature and animals and learn more about it I am also looking forward to that.
--Mona Okello
These last few weeks in the 7th and 8th grade class have been pretty good. There have been quite a few basketball games and we went on a couple of field trips. First, let's start with the basketball games. They have actually been going pretty well, the boys teams is actually winning quite a bit and we are really having a good time playing. We have also went on a couple of field trips. One of our field trips was to the Kauffman Center of Performing Arts, it was actually really cool. We got to see some really cool underwater photographs of different sea life and underwater creatures and it was actually very interesting. We also went on a field trip to the World War 1 museum and it was also very cool and interesting. We had a tour guide and we went all around the museum and got to see stuff like, the kind of weapons they used, models of the trenches they fought and lived in, and there different uniforms. Besides that we saw some big cannons and planes and tanks that they used in the war. It was a very interesting museum and I hope to go back again someday. So all in all these have been a good couple of weeks. We have got to do a lot and I am excited for what the future holds at MAA.
--Tryndon Finnegan
Some amount of days ago, we went to a WWI museum and it was legit. They had a lot of cool artifacts, and they also had fun interesting stories. There was one story about a guy who took some writing paper/journal paper and used it for his gluteus maximus after going number 2. There was also this really cool thing with a painting of Uncle Sam.  His eyes and pointed finger followed you no matter where you were standing, and yes even if you were laying on ground it worked. We got to see what a trench would have looked like, and we also learned that there were lice in the trenches and also rats. Overall, it was a cool experience, and I recommend checking it out sometime.
--Michael Borne
On the thirteenth of February, we got to go skiing, and it was most definitely fun for everyone. It only cost ten dollars, which is really cheap actually considering the fact that most of them cost like 100 dollars. My plan for this time was to go to the biggest mountain and have a nice time there. The only thing that I worried about is the fact that it would be cold and the sun reflecting of the snow. And the fact that we had two days without school which is Martin Luther King Day and a snow day. And the snow day was actually unexpected for me, but I don't know for the other students. 
--Eyassu Isaac Mongalo
On January 23rd, the 7th and 8th grade class went to the WW1 Museum in Kansas City. I was looking forward to it. When you first enter the museum, there is a glass bridge. Underneath it there is a field of poppies, which represent the soldiers that died during the war. Next, you watch a short film on how the war started and how people lived and did things before the war. During the tour, you see a tank shot in the back, soldiers uniforms, propaganda by both sides, and the trenches used during the war. The German ones were the best and the French were the worst. I feel sorry for the French soldiers. I liked that field trip.
Another thing we are doing this year is the science fair. The project I’m doing is, which battery brand will last the longest. The projects are due on the 28th. Then, there will be a science fair. During that time, we will stand by our projects answering questions about them. 
--Zach Sparks.
This quarter has been pretty fun for us. We’ve been on several field trips. For example, the Kauffman Center and the WW1 Museum. I really enjoyed going to the WW1 Museum, it was both educational and entertaining. I learned many new things on both trips. I was really excited for another trip to Snow Creek. I have never been skiing so it was my first time and I was quite nervous. My friends told me it isn’t that bad! The 8th grade class is also going on a class trip closer to the end of the year. This is a trip that I’ve been looking forward to and can’t wait until the time comes.