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Reading Counts
This year at Midland our 3rd-8th graders will be using a new independent reading program called Scholastic Reading Counts. This program contains 40,000+ titles and quizzes that the students may choose from in their reading.  
Scholastic Reading Counts provides leveled, measurable, independent reading practice that motivates students to read more and become better readers. After reading a book, students take a Scholastic Reading Counts! quiz. They demonstrate completion and comprehension of the book by correctly answering multiple-choice questions. In the process, students track their progress, are accountable for meeting their reading goals, and gain a sense of accomplishment. In addition, the quizzes provide practice for standardized tests. The program features aids for guiding students to books that fit their reading level and curriculum needs.

Excel spreadsheet listing all 40,000 titles available for Reading Counts.
It lists titles, authors, grade levels and value points.

Note: this is a large file (8 mb), and may take awhile to download