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Tips to Grow Great Spellers
Here's how Spelling works in 1st/2nd Grade. Every Monday I give your child a pre-test. Then as a class we correct, and they have a chance to write the words correctly. They will then put the pre-test in their BEAR folder to study at home all week. Friday will be the post-test and is the one that I put in the grade book. 

Here are some tips to help your child study and become a good speller.
1. Say a word while looking at it.
2. Close your eyes, try to see the word, and then spell the word out loud.
3. Look at the written word to see if you spelled it out loud correctly.
4. Cover the word and write it.
5. Check to see if you wrote the word  correctly.

If your child misspells a word, he should repeat all 5 steps before going on to the next word. When your child has learned to use this technique, he will be able to study his Spelling words independently. On Thursday night, give him a final test of all the word and study any missed words. This method of learning to spell words by visualizing them in their minds is one of the best ways available to really build strong spellers.