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Board Report
This information was presented to the Midland school board on August 27, 2009. You may scroll through the entire document, or click one of the links below to jump directly to that section.

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  • Prayer Theme - This school year our theme is “Becoming a School of Prayer”. To support that theme we are claiming the text found in Colossians 4:2, “Devote yourself to prayer, with an alert mind and a thankful heart.” I invite you to join us in becoming a school of prayer by lifting up our students, our families, and our school each day during your personal prayer time.


Summer School - Many of our teachers were involved in summer school classes this last summer. Jason Donovan took a Physics class, Marilyn Murphy and Judy Prosser took a class called “The Five Love Languages for Children”, and Judy took an additional class on Birth Order on the Effects of Academic Achievement. Fred Wallace went to Kindergarten Camp in Texas and Deanne Walker attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where she took two graduate classes in technology. We have a staff that is keeping current in educational trends.


Teacher’s In-service – On Aug. 3-5, the staff attended Pastor’s/Teacher’s In-service in Branson, Missouri.  The theme for the meetings was “Positive Relations”, building a positive working relationship between educators, pastors, and parents. The first day of the in-service was presented by Midland Alumnus, Amanda Sauder Maggard.  She walked us through “SHARE”, a customer service program developed by Adventist Health System. The remainder of the in-service was spent talking about how to build better church wide relationships.


More In-service Days – Upon returning from Branson, on Monday, Aug. 3, Ron Russell, retired education superintendant for the Mid-American Union, spoke to K-12 staff about how to better meet the individual learning styles of our students. On Tuesday, Bruce Chan, spoke to us about customer service as it relates specifically to Midland Adventist Academy. 


First Day of School – What an exciting day it was!  We greeted each student at the door, welcoming them back to school and gave them a Midland pencil to start the year. Kindergarten parents were given a red carnation with a small card that said, “Thank you for choosing MAA.  You are not letting go you are just joining hands with us on your child’s the journey to academic excellence”. The elders from New Haven Church met with the staff for prayer before school.  Just before school ended at 12:15pm, the entire student body was invited into the gym for prayer time. It was a great first day.


HSPBTSN - What does it mean?  High School Parent Back to School Night. The evening began with parents meeting in the gym to go over the new Student Handbook with Mrs. Hoffman.  Parents then had the opportunity to get acquainted with each high school teacher and visit their classrooms.


Prayer Chapel – At the end of second period all high school students meet in the new chapel for a 10 minute devotional and prayer time. Several students commented on how much they liked the break.


MAA Web Site – Be sure to stay informed as to what is going on at Midland by visiting our web site, midlandacademy.org.  Dave Fairchild, our webmaster, is doing an amazing job of keeping our site current and interesting.


Staff Dedication Sabbath – This year’s Staff Dedication Service on August 22, at Chapel Oaks Church was very special.  The MAA staff participated throughout the service, and Elder Ron Carlson gave the sermon.  There was also a Teacher’s Commissioning service which is similar to a pastor’s ordination.  John Kriegelstein, Mid-America Union Education Superintendant conducted that part of the service.  The teachers commissioned were Daniel Perry, Marilyn Murphy, Keith Vollmer, Trudy Hoffman, and Gary Kruger. 


Teaching Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibilities

Freda Wallace

All curriculums in Kindergarten

Judy Prosser

All curriculums in 1st and 2nd grade

Marilyn Murphy

All curriculums in 3rd and 4th grade

Michelle William

All curriculums in 5th and 6th grade

Dan Perry

All curriculums in 7th and 8th grade

Naomi Bruette

K-4 music, 5-8 band, 9-12 choir, 9-12 band, Diversity

Mary Murrill

9th, 10th, 12th, Bible, 7-8 PE, 9-12 PE, SA, Senior Sponsor

Keith Vollmer

Government, English l, Am. History, Geography, World History, 7-8 Keyboarding

Matt Teller

8th Pre-algebra, Algebra l, Geometry, Algebra ll, Advanced Math, 5th-6th Gymnastics, Freshman Sponsor

Jason Donovan

Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, A&P, Physics,
Sophomore Sponsor

Deanne Walker

English ll, English lll, English lV, Life Skills, Technology l, Technology ll, Junior Sponsor

Mayda Teller

Spanish l, Health 9th and 10th