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Life 101 Seminar
reported by Melissa Willer
Updated 9/14/2009

On the morning of September 11, a group of high school girls from Midland Adventist Academy packed into their little white bus and headed off to Broken Arrow Ranch for the all-girls Life 101 weekend retreat. The speaker for this year’s retreat was Pastor Chanda Nunes, the youth pastor for New Haven Seventh-day Adventist church. This year’s staff organized the theme—becoming “JC’s Next Top Model”—and created exiting activities for teenage girls in the Kansas-Nebraska Conference to grow closer to Jesus.

Throughout the weekend, the high schoolers were able to enjoy various pastimes including swimming, jet skiing, horseback riding, and more. On Saturday night, marshmallows were roasted over a fire pit for s’mores, followed by a pajama party in which the girls viewed the film Pride & Prejudice.

Preceding Pastor Chanda’s presentations was music led by the Match Box Team, a praise group from Union College. Pastor Chanda spoke about Rahab and Esther and demonstrated with a shattered vase how God can still use broken and scarred people. In addition to the sermons were breakout sessions, small group discussions with topics such as “A More Beautiful You” and “Dynamic Devotions.” Throughout the retreat the staff focused on relaying how much God values all of His people and knowing that He has plans and a future for each and every one.

Sunday morning came all too quickly when the retreat was concluded with a question and answer session. The girls packed their lunches and loaded their belongings, saying goodbye to friends and promising to come back again next year.