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Academy Foreign Language

Welcome to Midland's Foreign Language page  

Midland's Foreign Language classes are taught by Ms. Alejandra Rodriquez. Midland offers classes in Spanish I and Spanish II. You may find the following websites helpful for additional study.
Check this site for a list of all the vocabulary that you will have during Spanish at Midland.  You can search under midland realidades (the name of your school and your book) to find the chapters we're working on, and the verb finals for both Spanish I and II. Quizlet also has an app if you have an iPhone and it's got flashcards ready for you to use, with the vocab I have entered! It's a great study tool!
Check this site out for practice with vocabulary, or an online version of things in your textbook. Just click on the picture of your book. This site is also the one you need for extra credit. If you do the self-test for each chapter, you get three extra credit bonus points on your chapter test. If you do the chapter activities, you can earn up to 6 extra credit points on your workbook. It might not sound like much, but those little points can be the difference between an A or a B!  
By the way, we don't just learn to speak Spanish, we learn some of the culture as well. The seniors in the pic below are making tortillas de maiz, on a comal from Guatemala. In the second pic, they are trying their hand at spanish bocadillos