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By Steven Hutchison,

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Fifth Grade Band

Standard of Excellence

Middle School

Google Voice Phone Number: 913-608-7760

Choir & Band:

Film Composition Project
Option 1: Choose 3 films from the 3 composers listed and write 2 paragraphs about the soundtrack of each one.
Option 2: Compose music for one of the two silent film clips below and present it in class either live or by MP3.

Silent Film Clip 1               Silent Film Clip 2


High School

Google Voice Phone Number: 913-608-7760

Choir & Band - Due by May 24th at noon

Choose a silent film from the archive below:


Option 1: Write a 2 page paper explaining how the music in the film does or does not reflect what is happening in the movie.
Option 2: Compile or compose a soundtrack for at least 10 minutes of the film you chose.