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Welcome to Band!

At Midland Academy we have band in grades 5-12. 
In fifth grade students begin their instrumental studies.  During each class period students are given individualized instruction on their instrument and are allowed individual practice time four days a week. 

In 6th-8th grade students extend their learning on their instrument in a group setting.  Students are required to participate in fine arts credits for all three years and are welcome to be a part of both band and choir if they so choose.  Because these years are very formative keeping your options open by participating in both options is recommended.

The middle school band also performs two times during the course of the year for the Christmas program as well as for the Spring program.  Through the music that we learn in band students also are given the opportunity to learn about music theory, history, develop sight-reading skills, and learning a good practice ethic. 

In high school students are again given the option to participate either in band or choir or both.  Many students opt to participate in both.  

High school band is a great time to further develop and refine the skills that students have learned through out their previous years of study.  Programed music is selected to develop and challenge students skills as well as to develop a sense of what good music sounds like. 

Students in the high school band get to experience multiple performance opportunities other than the Christmas and spring concerts.  These performances include traveling to various area churches to particpate in their worship services.