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Concerts and Events for the 2016-2017 School Year
Date Event Location Call Time Groups Involved
October 15 Church Ministry KC Emmanuel 11:00 am Diversity
October 28 Community Ministry Shawnee Heartland Assisted Living 2:30 pm Middle School Choir
November 2 Hymnsing Rehearsal New Haven SDA 6:30 pm Choir, Diversity
November 4 Hymnsing New Haven SDA 7:00 pm Choir, Diversity
November 5 Fall Festival MAA Gym 6:30 pm Everyone is Invited!
November 19 Church Ministry Chapel Oaks SDA 10:00 am All HS groups
December 2 Nutcracker Field Trip Leave from MAA 9:30 am All High School
December 3 Church Ministry Beacon Light 10:15 am Diversity
December 8 HS Fall Concert MAA Gym 5:45 pm All HS groups
December 9 Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Leave from MAA 11:45 am Diversity
December 13 Elementary Fall Concert MAA Gym K-4 - 6:15pm
5-8 - 6:00pm
K-8 students
December 14 Shawnee Mission Health Lunch Performance Leave from MAA 10:45 am Diversity
January 28 Church Ministry New Haven Spanish 10:15 am Diversity
February 1-4 MAU Music Festival - Band Union College All day Optional HS Band
February 11 KC Convocation Central States Office
3301 Parallel Pkwy
Kansas City, KS
10:00 am Diversity
February 25 Church Ministry West Lenexa SDA 10:15 am Choir, Diversity
March 23 (optional) YAMA Music Festival CVA in Lincoln, NE 6am-10:30p Optional Grades 5-8
March 25 Church Ministry Leavenworth 9:45 am Diversity
April 7-9 Tour Joplin, Springfield, Branson, MO All Day Band/Diversity
April 15 (optional) KC Choir Festival New Haven SDA 2 -7 pm Optional Choir
April 29 Church Ministry New Haven SDA 10:15 am All HS Groups
April 30 (optional) Chamber/Solo Recital MAA Gym 4:00 pm Optional
Grades 5-12
May 2 Elementary Spring Concert MAA Gym K-4 - 6:15pm
5-8 - 5:45pm
K-8 students
May 4 HS Spring Concert MAA Gym 5:45 pm All HS groups

Concert Attire
(Unless otherwise stated) 
  • High School
    • Uniforms are ordered through Midland Academy and measurements are taken near the beginning of the school year. For more information, please contact Mr. Hutchison.
  • Middle School
    • White shirt and black pants/skirt, and black shoes (black socks as well for boys).
Concert Etiquette

Etiquette in a concert setting is extremely important for the performing ensemble.  Appropriate conduct during an athletic event or a movie is different from a live artistic performance.  We sincerely wish for our audience members to thoroughly enjoy themselves during our program.

For that reason, we will ask that they respect the following basic concert manners:

Turn off all cell phones and beepers.
Stay seated during the performance.
Applaud when appropriate.
Talk only between selections, not during.
Younger siblings should be seated with parents the entire time.
Be considerate of others when taking pictures or video taping.  

Here are some more do's and don'ts of concert etiquette taken from an article in The Kansas City Star by Lisa Gutierrez
  • Don't be late. It's distracting for the performers to concentrate if they see people moving around in the audience. If you do arrive late, wait until a song is completed before finding a seat near the door.  
  • Don't wave to your child on stage.  (Performers should not wave to audience members, either.) Some parents even make faces at their chilren, a big distraction for everyone.
  • Don't applaud before a piece is finished. If you can't tell when that is, wait until the director puts his/ her hands down or steps away from the lectern. If the piece has several sections or movements, wait until the final section.
  • Don't leave during a song. If you must leave, wait until the song is finished. Again, any movement in the audience can be distracting to the performers.