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Physical Education

Welcome to Midland's Physical Education page

Midland's Physical Education department is led by our athletic director, Mr. Michael Tomas.

Students will develop a healthy level of physical fitness through participating in various team and individual sports, games, and fitness activities. They will develop proficiency in motor skills while learning fundamental rules, concepts, safety, and sportsmanship. They will also develop personal fitness programs and log their progress. All students will be expected to appreciate and respect individual differences and ability levels by demonstrating Christian sportsmanship. (Units 5, Semesters 2)

 Midland Athletics Policy

Midland has an official document describing the purpose, mission, and policies of the Midland Athletic program. The stated purpose is to "provide students with an opportunity to participate in athletic competion with a Seventh-day Adventist Christian foundation." The complete document is available on the website, or you can pick up a copy in the front office.

Activity Record Sheet

Activity sheetAs part of their PE classes, Juniors and Seniors are required to record athletic activity and exercise. These record sheets should be signed by a parent, and then turned in to the PE Office on a weekly basis. The form is now available online for easier access.


Mustang Running Club

Who? Midland Adventist Academy students, parents, faculty, pastors, church members, and friends! This club is for anyone who wants to have a great time running. Our goal is to promote healthy living and experience the joy of long distance running. Come and try it out!

What? This is a club that meets each week to run for fitness and fun. You will also have the option to participate in some Sunday road races.

When? We will start off meeting on Tuesday right after school (3:30 pm).

Where? We will meet at Midland Adventist Academy in the lunch room on Tuesdays. We will have occasional Sunday training runs – time and place TBA.

Why? We want to provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to get active, set healthy goals, and work to achieve them. Members can improve their health and experience the benefits of long distance running as they have fun socializing with peers and other adults.

You can find further details and a permission slip here...