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K-4 General Music

K-4 general music focuses on developing musicality in the young child. When students receive music instruction at a young age they are more apt to maintain that knowledge as they mature. In our newly renovated K-4 music program we focus on training the student in the essentials of music knowledge. Things like pitch development, rhythm, music reading, basic instrumental training, are all installed in the child at an early age for students enrolled at Midland Adventist Academy.  

The curriculum is based off a spiral theory where each year more knowledge is added and benchmarks are met. MAA's general music program complies with SDA curriculum standards, Kansas state standards, and the National Standards for the arts.  

The more that a student is exposed to a concept the more that it will stick.  By working with your student at home on the concepts that we learn in class the more they will progress.  "But," you say, "I'm not a music teacher!"  Well here are some easy ways to help your child develop their skills in a fun and exciting way.  

If you would like to work on some of these skills at home click on one of the following links:

4th Grade: Help your student learn their instruments by playing this online game.

Look for more coming soon!