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MAUC Basketball Tournament - 2011


Presented by Union College
(All games held in the UC Gym are available as a live stream on Union's UCLive)


General Guidlines

Eight men's teams, nine women's teams
Each team plays three games (Wed-Fri)
Seeding games take place Saturday night
Semi-finals take place Sunday morning
Finals take place Sunday at 1:00 pm

Just win, baby!

MAA first team nominations:
Braden Frishman, Tanner Finnegan
Camille Darrell, Annelise Perry

MAA second team nominations:
Brett Trana, Abbey Adams

Free-throw competition
Braden Frishman
  Men's Teams (final rankings)

1. MCA - Minnetonka Christian Academy (6-0)
2. CA - Campion Academy (4-2)
3. MHA - Mile High Academy (4-1)
4. MAA - Midland Adventist Academy (2-3)
5. SAA - Sunnydale Adventist Academy (2-2)
6. MWA - Maplewood Academy (1-3)
7. CVA - College View Academy (0-4)
8. DAA - Dakota Adventist Academy (0-4)

Women's Teams (final rankings)

1. CVA - College View Academy (6-0)
2. MCA - Minnetonka Christian Academy (5-1)
3. MWA - Maplewood Academy (3-2)
4. MHA - Mile High Academy (2-2)
5. CA - Campion Academy (2-3)
6. MAA - Midland Adventist Academy (1-3)
7. SAA - Sunnydale Adventist Academy (1-3)
8. DAA - Dakota Adventist Academy (0-4)
9. VRA - Vista Ridge Academy (1-2)

While the results of this year's tournament may not have matched those of last year's, Midland can be proud of their Mustangs and Lady Mustangs. With both teams in a rebuilding year, the experience gained by our Freshman and Sophomore players will be invaluable in seasons to come. A good omen for the future is the fact that three freshman (Tanner Finnegan, Brett Trana, and Camille Darrell) were named to the First and Second Tournament teams.

The Mustangs had advanced to the semi-finals on Saturday night with their third win of the year over the Sunnydale Spartans. The game was a nail-biter, with the finish being similar to the Friday game against College View. Midland scored with 15 seconds on the clock to lead 42-40, then Sunnydale was fouled with nine seconds to go. Both Spartan free throws bounced off the iron, and a final attempt fromthe field went high over the rim, giving Midland the victory. In the women's game, the Lady Mustangs played Minnetonka tight for most of the contest, but fell behind in the 4th quarter and lost 41-36 to end their season.

Midland alum Chris Fairchild gave this on-the-spot report on Midland's 50-49 win over College View on Friday: "With 40 seconds left, Midland was up by two. College View came down the court and put in a three-pointer to take the lead. Midland got the ball back but Braden missed the shot; Jacob Prosser got the rebound but was fouled. He made the first free-throw to tie it, then made the second to go up by one. CVA ended up getting fouled with no time left on the clock! The guy's first free-throw hit the back of the rim, bounced straight up, hit the front of the rim, then fell off. He just shanked the second one completely, and Midland won the game by one!"

This year's tournament was composed of eight men's teams and nine women's teams from Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Minnesota and North Dakota. A round-robin tournament Wednesday through Friday determined the initial seeds; a single-elimination tournament on Saturday night and Sunday ended with Minnetonka and College View claiming the 2011 MAU titles.

Midland Girls Team at Tournament Midland Boys Team at Tournament
Tanner shoots for the basket Craig goes for the block

Games for Wednesday, February 16 

Time  UC Gym (women)  CVA Gym (mixed)
7:00 pm  CVA 51, CA 22  MWA 26, SAA 24 (women)
8:30 pm  MHA 46, VRA 17  CA 53, CVA 40 (men)

Games for Thursday, February 17

Time  UC Gym (men)  CVA Gym (women)
9:00 am  MHA 44, DAA 17  CA 24, MAA 18
10:30 am  MCA 64, MAA 45  MCA 49, DAA 13
2:30 pm  SAA 50, DAA 36  CVA 43, MWA 12
4:00 pm   MHA 65, MWA 27  VRA 32, DAA 28 
5:30 pm  MCA 58, CVA 47  MAA 37, SAA 32
7:00 pm  CA 59, MAA 24  MWA 37, CA 23
8:30 pm  SAA 38, MWA 36  MCA 36,  MHA 17

Games for Friday, February 18

Time  UC Gym (women)  CVA Gym (men)
9:00 am  CVA 54, MAA 23  MHA 54, SAA 28
10:30 am  MHA 36, DAA 18  MCA 54, CA 46
2:15 pm  MCA 51, VRA 7  MAA 50, CVA 49
3:45 pm  SAA 46, CA 38  MWA 48, DAA 36

Games for Saturday, February 19

Time  UC Gym (men)  CVA Gym (women) CRC*
7:00 pm  MHA 56, CVA 29 (men)  CVA 50, DAA 20  MCA 66, DAA 24 (men)
8:30 pm  MAA 42, SAA 40 (men)  CA 33, SAA 30  MCA 41, MAA 36 (women)
10:00 pm  CA 61, MWA 34 (men)  MWA 46, MHA 36  

Games for Sunday, February 20

Time  UC Gym  CVA Gym
8:45 am  MCA 54, MHA 50 (men)  CA 77, MAA 31 (men)
10:30 am  CVA 52, CA 35(women)  MCA 30, MWA 26 (women)
1:00 pm  MCA 53, CA 41 (men)  CVA 60, MCA 34 (women)