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MAUC Basketball Tournament 2010

Midland Brings Home Basketball Gold and Silver!

Lady Mustangs holding trophyMidland returned home from the 2010 MAU Basketball Tournament with some new hardware for the trophy case. The Lady Mustangs won their end of the tournament for the second straight year (and three years out of four), and the Mustangs guys brought home a second place silver.

In addition, Braden Frishman won first place in the Three-point contest, Zach Frishman took second, and Heather Naumann claimed first place on the Women's side. First team bids went to Kirbi Yelorda, Lindsey Maddux, Zach Frishman, and Kyle Breyer. Heather Naumann and Braden Frishman received second team nominations.

Congrats to our award-winning students!


Presented by Union College Health & Human Performance

(All games held in the UC Gym are available as a live stream on Union's UCLive)


General Guidlines

Nine men's teams, ten women's teams
Each team plays three games (Wed-Fri)
Seeding games take place Saturday night
Semi-finals take place Sunday morning
Finals take place Sunday at 1:00 pm

Just win, baby!


MAA first team nominations:
Kirbi Yelorda, Lindsey Maddux
Kyle Breyer, Zach Frishman

MAA second team nominations:
Heather Naumann, Braden Frishman

Three-point competition
Braden Frishman (Men - 1st)
Zach Frishman (Men - 2nd)
Heather Naumann (Women - 1st)

  Men's Final Rankings

1. CA - Campion Academy
2. MAA - Midland Adventist Academy
3. MWA - Maplewood Academy
4. CVA - College View Academy
5. MCA - Minnetonka Christian Academy
6. MHA - Mile High Academy
7. GPA - Great Plains Academy
8. SAA - Sunnydale Adventist Academy
9. DAA - Dakota Adventist Academy
Women's Final Rankings

1. MAA - Midland Adventist Academy
2. MWA - Maplewood Academy
3. CA - Campion Academy
4. CVA - College View Academy
5. SAA - Sunnydale Adventist Academy
6. MCA - Minnetonka Christian Academy
7. MHA - Mile High Academy
8. GPA - Great Plains Academy
9. DAA - Dakota Adventist Academy
10. VRA - Vista Ridge Academy

Games for Wednesday, February 17 

Time UC Gym CVA Gym
4:00 pm SAA vs CVA (women)  
5:30 pm VRA vs MHA (women) SAA vs GPA (men)
7:00 pm MAA vs CA (women)
(41-27 MAA)
CA vs MAA (men)
(51-49 MAA)
8:30 pm GPA vs MCA (women) CVA vs MWA (men)

Games for Thursday, February 18 

Time UC Gym CVA Gym
9:00 am MAA vs MCA (men)
(60-41 MAA)
MHA vs DAA (women)
10:30 am MHA vs DAA (men) MWA vs SAA (women)
2:30 pm MCA vs MWA (men) DAA vs GPA (women)
4:00 pm DAA vs SAA (men) MHA vs MCA (women)
5:30 pm CA vs CVA (men)
(51-36 CA)
MAA vs MWA (women)
(25-29 MWA)
7:00 pm MWA vs MAA (men)
(40-31 MAA)
SAA vs GPA (women)
8:30 pm GPA vs MHA (men) CA vs CVA (women)

Games for Friday, February 19

Time UC Gym CVA Gym
9:00 am MCA vs VRA (women) MWA vs CA (men)
10:30 am MWA vs CA (women) SAA vs MHA (men)
2:15 pm MAA vs CVA (women)
(42-30 MAA)
GPA vs DAA (men)
3:45 pm VRA vs DAA (women) CVA vs MCA (men)

Games for Saturday, February 20

Time UC Gym CVA Gym CRC* SEHS*
7:00 pm SAA vs DAA (men)
(31-26 SAA)
GPA vs DAA (w)
(37-33 GPA)
MCA vs MWA (men)
(69-48 MWA)
8:30 pm CVA vs MHA (men)
(61-42 CVA)
SAA vs CA (w)
(37-25 CAA)
CVA vs MCA (women)
(59-31 CVA)
10:00 pm MAA vs SAA (men)
(45-39 MAA)
MWA vs GPA (w)
GPA vs CA (men)
MAA vs MHA (w)
(41-26 MAA)

Games for Sunday, February 21

Time UC Gym CVA Gym
8:45 am MWA vs MAA (men)
(37-35 MAA)
CVA vs CA (men)
(59-39 CA)
10:30 am CA vs MWA (women)
(20-11 MWA)
CVA vs MAA (women)
(28-15 MAA)
1:00 pm CA vs MAA (men)
(29-34 CA)
Mustangs win silver!
MVA vs MAA (women)
(35-19 MAA)
Lady Mustangs wins gold!