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Previous Field Trips and Projects

Readers Theatre - 2011

Mrs. Prosser’s 1st & 2nd grade classroom performed several Reader's Theater productions for the Kindergarteners on Wednesday, February 16, and also on April 1st.
The second graders performed The Crow’s Potlatch, a story of how an industrious but vain crow lost his winter’s stock of food to a crafty raven.
The first graders performed The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and two of the first graders, Ella and Alle, also read the book Fun in the Sun.

For their second event, their book of choice was A Bad Case of the Stripes.This story is about a girl who was afraid to just be herself, and instead adapted others' opinions as her own. This ended up in a terrible day in which she turned into everything that everyone else mentioned -- stripes, a flag, etc. Finally, a little old lady helped the girl realize that she needed to be herself (which in this case meant she needed to admit that she liked eating lima beans), and the horrible case of stripes would disappear.  

Here are a couple of pictures...

Kaleidoscope logo

Kaleidoscope - 2010

Mrs. Prosser's 1st & 2nd grade students visited Kaleidoscope for a field trip on February 24, 2010. Part of Kansas City's Hallmark corporation, this mecca of arts and crafts is fun for kids and teachers alike.

To quote from the Kaleidoscope website, "Children make whatever their imaginations think up using melted crayons, markers and watercolor paints along with zigs and zags, stars and hearts, shiny paper, pretty ribbons, and lots of other jazzy stuff."

Here's what some of the students had to say when asked what they like most about Kaleidocope. Please note that the spellings are original...
  • All of the fun projects! I even got to build a huge box frog.
  • Making puzzles for my Parents.
  • Making the airplane was cool!
  • I used Melted crayons for Painting a boxes.
  • The Boxes that you can invent. It was totly awesome. The other thing was the puzzle. You Just make a pictur then they cut it out and it a puzzle.
  • I liked makeing a fish.
  • The puzzles, also the games.
  • All the projects and dancing room. The puzzles where my favorite.
  • I like the glow and the dark room.
  • Craiting stuff like Butrflys and stf like that.