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Just Claim It 2
Midland took a group of high school students to Just Claim It 2, a presentation of the North American Division of Seventh-Day Adventists. This five-day series took place April 7-11 in Columbus, OH, and attendance reached into the tens of thousands. JCI2 actually encompassed several events:
  • 2nd NAD World Youth Prayer Conference
  • 5th NAD Youth Ministries Leadership Summit
  • 3rd NAD Ignition (Young Adults) 
  • Children’s Worship Festival. 

In addition to the 120 hours of organized prayer, organizers coordinated 15 workshop tracks (180 workshops), a special community mission project called "Just Make-Over," speaking opportunities for teens called "Youth Preach-Out", drama presentations focusing on Biblical prayer encounters, Biblical floats parade, and a music festival with a special feature of the 300 voices JCI Mass Choir accompanied by a 250-piece orchestra.

To ensure the JCI impact in every community, special invitations were sent to the President of the United States, his cabinet, members of Congress, the Senate, Governors, State Legislatures, Mayors, City Councils, Community Activists, and world leaders of many nations. For more information, visit the Just Claim It website.

Just Claim It Updates

It's not quite as immediate as a "tweet", but the students did their best to provide frequent updates on what was going on at Just Claim It. Stand by...for NEWS!

Wednesday, April 7

11:07 am (Mary Murrill) - We're 35 miles from Indianapolis and have had one 20-minute break so far. Kids are courteous and quiet.

11:30 am (Zach Frishman) - It's been a good trip... We have a tight schedule. Everyone is either reading, sleeping, watching a movie, or playing a video game.

2:28 pm (Mary Murrill) - Almost to Columbus. Had a half hour lunch break. Been overcast yet pleasant. Watched Over the Hedge on the inhouse video system.

4:35 pm (Jacob Trana) - We just arrived at the hotel... Standing in the lobby waiting to learn what room we're in.

5:10 pm (Kirbi Yelorda) - We've arrived in Columbus! Long trip but we're here safely. Gonna rest up and grab some dinner. 1st session starts at 7:30 pm. :)

7:31 pm (Kirbi Yelorda) - Now in the first general session. Just enjoyed an awesome praise and worship and drama presentation. Can't wait to see what else is in store :)

9:48 pm (Zach Frishman) - Well, the first meeting went very well. It was about two hours long. Afterwards the senior boys played basketball for about an hour. Everything is going very well.

Thursday, April 8

6:29 am (Kirbi Yelorda) - Had a blast playing volleyball last night for rec. Early start this morning, breakfast 6:30! General session starts at 8:30. It's gonna be a busy day!

9:46 am (Mary Murrill) - Morning, even one-hour time change make a difference. Hard to go to bed and harder to get up. Most of the kids are attending a listening skills workshop by Steve Case (parents should be excited about that one).

9:51 am (Jacob Trana) - Going through breakout session. Just learned the three basics listening skills. Paraphrase, creative questioning, emotion perception.

10:11 am (Mary Murrill) - This afternoon several students will work with juveniles for a service option. That's the latest except Kyle sprained his ankle pretty bad. Zach is wheeling him around. Playing basketball on a cement floor.

12:13 pm (Kirbi Yelorda) - Went through two breakouts so far. Learned about personalities and being a good listener. Going to minster to youth this afternoon.

4:04 pm (Zach Frishman) - Today we had breakfast and had a general meeting. Then we went in groups to different stations. The station I went to was about listening. I found it helpful because it taught me how to be a better listener.

Friday, April 9

7:03 am (Jacob Trana) - Just showered and on my way to the first meeting.

8:44 am (Kirbi Yelorda) - Today we're going to the juvenile center to minister to the youth. Just learned about faith! Powerful!!

11:03 am (Zach Frishman) - Today I decided to give blood for the first time. I have not done it yet but I will later today. I spent an hour watching my mother give blood and it looks like a piece of cake.

11:13 am (Kirbi Yelorda) - Lots of booths are set up. A lot of Midland kids have volunteered to give blood :)

11:15 am (Mary Murrill) - Several of us are at the Red Cross giving blood. Kirbi, Hannah, Lindsey, Zach, Mrs. Frishman, myself. Still overcast and cool but no one seems to mind.

2:53 pm (Kirbi Yelorda) - On our way to the juvenile center... We're stoked!!!

8:14 pm (Jake Trana) - Just got back from the juvenile center.

Sabbath, April 10

9:29 am (Kirbi Yelorda) - I'm stuck in the hotel room with a fever. So maybe if you text Jacob he can give you a good tweet!

1:29 pm (Zach Frishman) - Kyle is doing a lot better. We did the hot and cold treatment on him yesterday and now he is able to walk. Well, I guess I should call it walking because it's more like he is just hobbling around everywhere.

8:59 pm (Kirbi Yelorda) - JCI ended tonight with a great skit from Pine Forge Academy but Pastor Black concluded wiht the comment that "JCI does not conclude or end but will continue."

9:29 pm (Jake Trana) - Official meetings are over but today was the best yet. Amazing speakers; we got to visit the park. Great day! Played volleyball, now on the way to get ice cream!

Sunday, April 11

1:54 pm (Zach Frishman) - We are on the trip back to KC. We are watching Ratatouille right now. We will be stopping for lunch soon. People in the bus are either sleeping, playing video games, or watching the movie.

2:49 pm (Kirbi Yelorda) - Got a tremendous blessing at JCI. Special thanks to everyone who donated their time and money, making this trip possible for the Midland kids. We're coming back with great ideas for furthering God's work! See ya soon! :)