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Updated: Mar 30, 2018

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Oct 25 Mass Surge Event    
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Mrs. Hoffman Honored by KAIRS

Mrs. HoffmanMrs. Trudy Hoffman, a veteran of many years at Midland both as teacher and principal, has been honored by the Kansas Association of Independent & Religious Schools (KAIRS) as a Distinguished Teacher.

She and five other Kansas teachers were honored on February 12 at the 17th annual KAIRS Hall of Fame banquet held in Topeka, KS. Midland is certified by the KAIRS organization, which represents 35,000 students across the state of Kansas.

Recognized as the winner in the Christian Schools category, Mrs. Hoffman was described as follows:

Trudy Hoffman is a dedicated, student-focused third and fourth grade teacher at Midland Adventist Academy, Shawnee. Grounded in her commitment to train her students to think, she focuses on a Christ-centered education that prepares her students for service on earth and a heart for heaven.

Mrs. Hoffman's more than 20-year tenure at Midland Academy has included teaching grades four through seven, serving as elementary vice principal, and principal.

"Her passion , empathy, purpose, and uncommon common sense have warmed the hearts of students and parents throughout her career," said Daniel Kittle, Principal, Midland Adventist Academy.

A recognized award-winning teacher, Mrs. Hoffman was also named a winner of the Zapara award for Excellence in Teaching in 1992, and has been nominated for KS Teacher of the Year.

Mass Surge Exercise

Surge DrillOur high school students and staff spent an October Wednesday morning taking part in a Shawnee Mission Health disaster practice drill. This allowed the hospital to test its ability to handle a large surge of patients, such as might occur after a tornado or other natural disaster.

After receiving initial training on Tuesday, Midland students crowded the hospital facilities as medical staff worked to treat the pretend victims quickly and efficiently. Specified "injuries" included gunshot wounds, paralyization, and neck wounds. After the event, our students returned to the classroom with a personal knowledge of how our local health care facilities will always be there when needed.

Disclaimer: No Midland students were harmed during this practice drilll!

SA and Class Elections

SA Elections for the 2017-2018 school year were held in May 2017, and class elections (other than the Freshman class of 2010) were completed during the Broken Arrow retreat in August. Here is a list of the elected officers for the coming year so far; be sure and serve your classmates well!

 Office  Student Association  Class of 2018  Class of 2019  Class of 2020  Class of 2021
 President  Emily Sanchez  Marcus Elsey  JoAnna Rockufeler    
 Activities VP  Faith Josiah  Maurissa Pena  Paige Kreiter    
 Secretary  Priscilla Josiah  Faith Josiah  Cora Fletcher    
 Treasurer   Victoria Shelton  Johnny Zacharias  Cora Fletcher    
 Pastor / Religious VP  Lily Burke  Toni Randell  Bomi Kilanko    
 SA Senator    Drew Hickman  Justin Anderson  Gabby Correa  Jordan Anderson
 Sergeant-at-Arms    Colin Craig      
 Music Coordinator  Daniel Hickman        
 Faculty Sponsor  Dan Kittle  Tristan Karr Jonathan Borne  Kelsea Allen  Dorothy Pearson

Nick Bender Visits Midland

Midland rolled out the red carpet on Thursday morning for KMBC First News meteorologist Nick Bender, who presented an all school assembly on severe weather awareness.

Most meteorologists can recall a certain experience that was the catalyst for their passion of weather. Nick Bender has no such story. Simply put, he was born loving it, and as a result, has worked in some of the most challenging weather markets in the country.

During his career, he has experienced the full force of Mother Nature's wrath: mile-wide tornadoes, historic blizzards, inundating floods, paralyzing dust storms and destructive wildfires.

In 2010, he was part of the largest and most ambitious scientific field experiment in history, VORTEX2, to help further the understanding of tornado formation and increase tornado warn time.

In his free time, Nick and his wife enjoy being very active in their local church community. They’re also avid runners!

The Dictionary Project

Each year, the Dictionary Project aims to assist young students in becoming good writers and active readers by providing them with their own personal dictionary. The dictionaries are a gift to each student to use at school and at home for years to come. So far, more than 28 million dictionaries have been provided!

We would like to send a big thanks to the Rotary Club of Lenexa for sponsoring dictionaries for our third graders this year, and for recently delivering them to Midland. We think you are real heroes!

he·ro ˈhirō/ noun 1. a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities "a great hero" synonyms: brave person, brave man/woman, man/woman of courage, man/woman of the hour, lionheart

11th Annual Thanksgiving Hot Lunch

The Senior class of 2017 was excited to sponsor the 11th edition of Midland's Thanksgiving Hot Lunch on Monday, Nov. 21. More than 100 parents, grandparents, and friends joined students and staff for this traditional event prepared by Mrs. Fairchild and her family. The plated dinner included vegetarian "turkey & dressing" casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, corn, dinner roll, pumpkin pie, and a drink.

Roughly 250 folks attended the festivities, and enjoyed both the food and the program presented by the elementary students. So how much food does it take to feed that many people? Well... glad you asked. How about 120 pounds of potatoes, 20-25 pounds of stuffing breadcrumbs, 160 pounds of corn and green beans, dozens and dozens of eggs, 40 stalks of celery (all hand-chopped!), 10-15 pounds of vegetarian turkey, 24 dozen dinner rolls, and 24 pumpkin pies!!!

Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn

LawnmowerA big thank you to Dan Darrell and the Midland Finance committee and board for taking good care of our school and providing us with a new riding mower to replace our old green chariot. Mr. Brazeal has been enjoying a smoother ride and faster operating times this fall!

Midland alum Taylor Bartel is especially proud of the new acquisition. He spent many hours in Beatrice, NE making sure these machines were were customer worthy, and may have even worked on this machine as it was coming through the factory.

And as you can tell, they even got the colors right!

Tour de Shawnee

Bright and early Sunday morning August 28th, Midland connected with our local community of Shawnee by serving as the first rest stop on the annual Tour de Shawnee bicycle ride. Students, staff, and parents handed out water, grapes, and granola bars to the 200+ riders who stopped and cheered on the rest of the riders passing by on Maurer Road.

Our volunteer list included, Brycen Nelson, BriAnna Nelson, Victoria Shelton, Maurissa Pena, Drew Hickman, Emily Sanchez, Blake Renfro, Heidi Renfro, Brooke Nelson, Kristie Nelson, Heidi Renfro, Janie Pauls, Suhare Shelton, Mr. Kittle, and Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild. In the process, our high school students all received volunteer hours for helping out.

This was the sixth year that Midland has participated as a rest stop, and there are now a variety of riders that we look for and talk to each year when they make their stop. The city of Shawnee also told us, "thanks again for sponsoring such a great rest stop! We truly appreciate all you do for the Tour de Shawnee!"  We are indeed Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts, Training Hands for Jesus.

If you'd like to check out some pictures from the ride, here's a gallery for your review

Midland ACT Scores

If you have ever wondered how Midland academics compares to other schools in our area, here's a quick comparison.

A recent article in the Shawnee Dispatch says, "Kansas students earned an average ACT composite score of 21.9 compared to the national average score of 20.8. In the Shawnee Mission School District, that score was even higher. In 2016, Shawnee Mission students earned a composite score of 23.9. Students in the De Soto School District also showcased impressive scores, with a composite average of 23.5."

In comparison, Midland's Class of 2016 had a composite average of 26.0, and seniors who had attended Midland for all four years of high school had an average score of 27.1. Every day we are Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts, Training Hands for Jesus.

Midland Test Scores Exceed Averages

Midland was recently featured in an article in Outlook magazine, based on the above-average test scores of our high school students.

The latest American College Testing report shows that for the last five years Midland Adventist Academy students have consistently tested well above state and national averages and are prepared for college in all testing categories.

In addition, multiple Midland students have earned full-tuition scholarships through the current Adventist Colleges and Universities scholarship packages, and there has been a National Merit Commended Scholar at Midland each of the last four years. (Continue reading...)

Yes, we're proud of our Midland students!

Teddy Bear Clinic

Teddy Bear ClinicMidland's first annual Health Fair / Teddy Bear Clinic was a huge success! A big Midland "Thank You" to the many volunteers who gave of their time to make these events a success. (Pam DeCamp, Terri Maddux, Sherry Lee, Amber Keller, Melanie Donovan, Surita Kizine, Samantha Sprinkle, Helen Reed, Robin Gibson, Jenna Gibson, Brennan Hallock, Dana Frishman, Mary Frishman, John Rockufeler, Melody Rockufeler, Christina Svoboda, Kim Resz, Angie Helmer, Michael Tomas, MAA Health Class, Joan Perez, MAA Sophomore class)

We'd also like to send an especially big "Thank You" to Kayla Hallock and Janet O'Rear who spent dozens of hours organizing the events.

K-4 students experienced what a visit to the ER or Hospital might be like by taking their Teddy Bears through the admissions process, complete with personalized wristband; checking vitals - every patient received their very own handmade stethascope; x-ray (hold very still until you hear the click) and even making gauze and plaster casts! (photo album here)

When students toured the health fair in the gym, they received information from Trader Joe's, Natural Grocers, Shawnee Police department, Shawnee Fire department, Johnson County Parks & Recreation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Shawnee Mission Health, Johnson County Health Department, UMKC Dental School, Johnson County Library, YMCA of Bonner Springs, and Kansas City Community Gardens.

Midland is a better school and student learning is enriched because of our community support and our super volunteers. Thank you!
Teddy Bear Clinic

Welcome to our First International Student

Tony HanZhuoqun (Tony) Han enrolled in 9th grade at Midland for second semester 2016, and is our first international student. Tony comes to us from Wuhan, China, and enjoys history, reading basketball & swimming, not necessarily in that order.

Tony was interesting in studying in the United States at Midland because he was looking for a chance to be more independent and he hopes to attend a famous American university in the future. He knows that studying in English will be a challenge for him, but he plans to do his best and to ask questions when he does not understand.

Tony wants to continue learning to play the saxophone, and the fact that Mr. Hutchison also plays the sax was one of the deciding factors for Tony to choose Midland.

International Students Coming Our Way

After a thorough review, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) approved Midland’s petition to accept non-immigrant students into our school program. Area families will have the opportunity to host students for the school year.

In a related area, A+ Global Education is looking for a part-time "home stay" liaison to serve in the Midland community. The successful candidate loves working with young people, is well organized and detail-oriented, and possesses excellent people skills. This person will work with Midland to help place new international students in local homes so that these students can attend our school. In addition to initial placement, this person will serve as a liaison between the home, school, and the student’s home. If you are interest in being considered or would like more information, please contact Mrs. Darlene Fairchild by email or by calling (913) 268-7400.