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In case you missed our earlier Alumnews factoids, here they are, arranged by class. We're counting on you to let us know what's happening out there, so use our Updates page if you have news of a former Midland Mustang!

Class of 2009
Brittany Brazeal - Brittany has received an Employee of the Month award from the Wal-Mart store where she works. After just four months of employment, she is the youngest Wal-Mart employee at this store to receive the award. (8/8/10)
Jordan Breyer - Jordan is majoring in Accounting at Union College in Lincoln, NE. He has been reffing intermural college sports in his spare time. (5/9/10)
Breanna Fenton – Breanna attended Sagunto College in Spain during the 2010/11 school year. During this time she did a lot of traveling, including London, Granada, Gibraltar and Morocco, where she rode on a camel. She had fun playing volleyball, “as it’s the same in any language!”
Class of 2008
Alex Adams - Alex was recently elected president of the Student Association for the 2011/2012 school year at Union College. (5/22/11)
Madison DeCamp - Madison played 1st violin with Trans-Siberian Orchestra during their December concerts in Wichita and Kansas City.  (1/4/10)
Rindy Fairchild – Rindy will begin the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Andrews University in August 2011. She has been working in the Andrews Bookstore, and also for Midland alum Gina Jacob Creek as a grader.  (1/18/10)
Danie Galan – Danie finished up a year of college in Puerto Rico in spring 2010. He hasn't decided on plans for the fall yet, but is just livin' day by day and has been working during the summer. (9/12/10)
Ashley McEwen -  Ashley passed her Praxis test (PPST) in the spring of 2010 which opened up the way for her to do her student teaching. She has spent time teaching in one of Lincoln’s inner city schools. (2/28/10)
Class of 2007
Suzy Cheney - Suzy graduated in May 2010, and was been granted an Accounting internship in the St. Lukes hospital system. (2/7/10)
David Clark - David was Assistant Chaplain at SVA in Centerville, Ohio during 2009. He is currently attending Union college and hopes to graduate in December 2012. (5/2/10)
Kayla Frishman - Kayla spent most of 2009 in the Central American country of Honduras. She served as a bi-lingual Kindergarten teacher in English and Spanish. (1/25/10)
Owen Hansen - Owen has graduated from Union College with a BA in Theology in May 2011. He has worked at Broken Arrow Ranch for several summers. (8/29/2010) 
Sarah Todd - Sarah has finished her Senior year at Union College and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. She recently created a book in one of her classes, assisted by the first graders from Randolph Elementary. (1/30/2011) 

Class of 2006
Cory Giffin - Cory just returned from a year of college in Puerto Rico, is currently working in Kansas City. (3/6/11)
Bo Seltman – Bo lives in Shawnee, KS after graduating from Union College with a Bachelors in Business. He works at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. (3/6/11)

Class of 2005
Jennifer Hallock - Jennifer and Nathan Rebarchek ('04) tied the knot during the summer of 2009 in a wedding held at New Haven Church. (1/11/10)
Allison Krieger Moore – Allison married George Allen Moore in December, 2009. She is living in Ohio and will graduate in May with an Associate of Arts degree. She plans to attend Southern Adventist University to complete her degree in Music Theory. (3/28/10)
Samantha Paradise – Samantha spent a year in El Salvador as a student missionary and is currently living in California and attending Loma Linda University. She is working on her doctorate in Physical Therapy, will graduate in 2012. She still "tries to play basketball..." (10/10/10)
Loren Perry – Loren married Kelsey Grellmann in May, 2010. He graduated with his degree in social work from Andrews, and plans to start his masters degree in the fall of 2010. (5/23/10)

Class of 2004
Beckie Fairchild – Beckie works as a labor-delivery nurse at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. She has assisted with more than 250 births in the last three years. (6/6/10)
Nathan Rebarchek - Nathan and Jennifer Hallock ('05) tied the knot during the summer of 2009 in a wedding held at New Haven Church. (1/11/10)
Sarah Rieke – Sarah is now married, thanks to a September 2010 wedding in Lincoln, NE. (3/14/10)
Eric Todd - Eric graduated from Union College in 2008 with a degree in Business Finance; he married Kimmy Wills in May 2009. Currently living in Lincoln, NE, Eric is an assistant supervisor with Union Bank and Trust Company. (11/14/10)
Class of 2003
Rachel Gorrell - Rachel is teaching 1st grade in the Blue Valley School District. She is engaged to be married this summer during the month of July. (3/7/10)
Kymberly Polite - Kymberly is teaching 5-8th Language Arts, PE, Spanish, Bible, Computer and Art in Jacksonville, Florida, at Jacksonville Adventist Academy. She is currently working on her Masters and will graduate during the summer of 2011. (2/20/11)
Class of 2002
Travis Sisson - Travis took the plunge during the summer of 2009 and married Ashley Creech from Dayton, Ohio. He is currently teaching at Midland while working in the chaplain's program at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. (1/18/10)
Sarah Wilde Casey – Sarah has gotten married, bought a house and has a precious little boy, Aiden. The years have flown by! (4/18/10)
Miriam Young Peckham - Miriam graduated from the School of Medicine of Loma Linda University in May of 2011. She has started her year in Internal Medicine, then will do a residency in Radiology. Miriam and her husband Ted live in Loma Linda, California.(8/16/11)
Richard Young - Richard is currently the Director of Recruiting for Union College. He is married to Natalie, and urges all Midland students to attend Union at their earliest convenience. (2/1/10)

Class of 2001
Andrew Kruger - Andrew will graduate with a doctorate in Physics from UC Davis in June 2011. (4/25/10)
Class of 2000
Patrick and Alyson Cachero Colt – Patrick started his own tile business in 2007, and Alyson enjoys being a stay-at-home mama. (3/21/10)
Aubrey Goble Leeker - Aubrey and her husband Josh moved from Seoul to Lincoln, Nebraska to start a wedding and portrait photography business. Their website is www.theleekers.com. (3/27/11)
Rebekah Gorrell Gibson – Rebekah and her husband Jason live in Olathe and celebrated their 7-year anniversary during May of 2010. (5/16/10)
Amanda Sauder Maggard – Amanda works at Florida Hospital Altamonte as Director of Operations & Internal Communications. She and her husband Michael live in Orlando with their “zoo” – two cats and a dog. (9/26/10)
Chalonda Webb - Chalonda manages the Case Management & Therapy Services / Social Work for the Douglass Community Association. She also serves as the Children's Ministry Coordinator for her church in Kalamazoo, MI. (2/14/10)

Class of 1999
Tasha Reynolds Heinrich – Tasha and husband Bill live in Orlando, FL with their son Colton, who turned one in December 2010. Rumor has it that she will be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February. (12/30/10)
Mikey Larson and Daniela Prieto Larson (class of '98)  – Mikey is pastoring three churches in western Nebraska, learning the country life and beginning the parenthood journey. Daniela is staying at home with son Matthew (14 months) and having lots of fun supporting Mikey with pastoring. She is currently training for a half-marathon. (2/21/10)

Class of 1998
Gina Jacob Creek - Gina completed her second Boston Marathon in April, finishing with a time of 4:02:59. She and her husband Greg Creek will be moving to Hutchinson, KS this summer where Greg will be the new pastor. (4/20/11)
Anthony Darrell - Anthony works in sales for Cintas First Aid and Safety. He has three children ages 5, 3, and 1. (12/12/2010)
Greg Hallock - Greg taught 5th & 6th grade at Midland during 2nd semester 2010, and has now completed his first year as the 7th & 8th grade teacher. (12/27/09)
Jonathan Kruger – Jonathan graduated in May 2010 from Loma Linda Medical School as the first Midland alumnus to earn an M.D. degree. He will be doing a residency in Salt Lake City after graduation. (5/30/10)
Stephanie Speak Young – Stephanie is working for a dental office and general surgery practice. In the fall of 2010 she will have two little Mustangs! (4/11/10)


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