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Senior Class Trip 2010

The Senior Class of 2010 spent a week in sunny Florida for their class trip. The following are random text messages sent during their trip...

Friday, April 30

4:23  pm (Mary Murrill)
Kids did worship each eve. They were fun to be with. Mr. Sisson and Dylan took a bump option today and are coming later for $200.

Thursday, April 29

6:38  pm (Mary Murrill)
Busch Gardens was a big favorite - amazing roller coasters. Weather was perfect, 82 and sunny. We stayed near Disney in another really nice place. Ate Mexican.

11:05 am (Lisa) Rode two roller coasters today. If you know me, you know I don't do them...but it was so much fun! I'm on a high!

10:59 am (Chris) We are at Busch Gardens right now.

Wednesday, April 28

5:15  pm (Mary Murrill)
Canoeing was amazing. Shawntee and Lindsey canoed an xtra five miles by going from bank to bank. The kids saw a five inch body diameter spider. Lots of alligators. Swamp as far as you could see and deadly still and quiet. We stayed in an amazing place on the gulf. Walked pier 60. Bought ice cream and trinkets.

3:08 pm (Zach) Today was pretty intense! We went and canoed in a river with a bunch of alligators. I had fun but the people I had in my canoe did not! Shelby and Kyle did not enjoy it that much because we canoed into trees with tons of spiders. I liked the trip because I got to see a bunch of wildlife and I learned how to steer the canoe.

8:27 am (Lisa) Super tired this morning. We thought we had slept in but we hadn't! Heading to Denny's. I'm starving and I'm pretty sure everyone else is.

Tuesday, April 27

4:52 pm (Chris)
Trip is lots of fun! We just finished at the Kennedy Space Center.

3:50 pm (Lisa) We are at Kennedy Space Center searching the souvenir shops. At five we meet together to have some beach fun. Coco Beach here we come!

Monday, April 26

4:50 pm (Chris)
Just finished a day at Aquatica. We are all nice and toasty.

Sunday, April 25

11:29 am (Lisa)
After two hours of primping, the girls are ready to hit the town. Boys took, what, like thirty to get ready! Sadly enough, Shelby is sick and won't be coming.

Sabbath, April 24

1:42 pm (Chris)
- Floating down the St. John's River on a pontoon boat.

3:28 pm (Lisa) Today was a day in the sun :) We got pontoons and we were gone. We can into Campion on the beach. It's crazy how small the world is.

5:40 pm (Chris) - Just finished attending a wedding at our hotel!

8:30 pm (Zach) - Right now we are miniature golfing! Its really fun, It's a really nice course.

8:53 pm (Lisa) We are putt putt golfing, but gave up. Now we are feeding alligators!

Friday, April 23

3:13 pm (Chris) - Just landed in Orlando. Eighty five and sunny.

4:26 pm (Lisa) - We finally made it to Florida! After a bumpy ride we made it to a sunnier state. Why is it that there are always mix-ups at car rentals?

8:45 pm (Mrs. Murrill) - Flight was uneventful but we got turned around coming out from the airport. So we are eating quite late and have very hungry boys. Lettuce wraps on the menu.