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American History Comes to Life
Gene Sellow talking to students
Mr. Gene Sellow tells of growing up in the south during segregation.

West Lenexa church member Gene Sellow spent his childhood in the segregated south during the 1940s. He spent two February class periods sharing his experiences with Mr. Vollmer's American History class. It's another example of how Midland teachers enrich classroom learning with examples from the world outside the classroom.

Here's how some of the students responded:
  • It is inspiring to know that through all he has been through, he found God.
  • It was good hearing from someone who lived in that time period. He explained how life was for African-Americans, which was very different than it is today. It was great hearing from him.
  • I liked his story about the guy who turned on the lights.
  • I really appreciated Mr. Sellow coming in and sharing some great life experiences with us.
  • He seems like an honest man, no matter what all he has gone through.
  • I really liked seeing history through the eyes of someone who lived it.