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13th Annual Broken Arrow Retreat
(click for a video slide show)

Midland's high school students spent three hot August days at Broken Arrow Ranch involved in water sports, class competitions, spiritual vespers, and getting to know each other and their teachers better. Mrs. Murrill and the SA staff left on Tuesday to get everything ready; the rest of the high school made the trip to Manhattan on Wednesday the 26th.

While there was plenty of free time available for basketball, skateboarding, swimming, and other water sports, the various class competitions provide lots of excitement and a chance for all of the students to shine.

Among the many events, this year's competition included an egg toss, sand sculpture, underwater swimming, jump rope, shot put, and a three-legged race, not to mention the annual tug-of-war. The overall winners were announced during Chapel on September 11th, and the Senior class of 2010 won by a landslide. Coming in second was the Juniors class.

Thursday night turned out to be a slippery affair, as the students (and some of their teachers!) slipped and slid downhill on a big plastic tarp covered with water and lots of dish soap. And after a couple of runs, the students were covered with just as much water and soap as the tarp!

Everyone packed up Friday morning and headed back to Midland, with the traditional stop at Dairy Queen thrown in for good measure. A great time, and a great way for everyone to bond as a high school for the new school year.