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Grading scale

The grading scale is as follows:

100-99% A+     69-67% D+
98-93% A     66-63% D
92-90% A     62-60% D-
89-87% B+     59 - below F
86-83% B        
82-80% B-        
79-77% C+        
76-73% C        
72-70% C-        


  • When students enter the classroom in the morning they must put their books away, hang up their backpacks, sharpen pencils, and work on the Daily Oral Language (DOL) assignment on the SMART Board or placed on their desks.
  • The student’s name, assignment and date must be at the top right hand corner of all assignments to be turned in. One point (roughly 10%) of a daily assignment’s value may be deducted when this is not done.
  • Students are to be seated in the cafeteria for lunch on a first come basis. Saving seats is not allowed.
  • Students are to raise their hands and speak when called upon. 
  • Other than for being absent, students will not be excused from taking a test or completing an assignment. This includes, but is not limited to, the following reasons: they forgot to study or bring materials home to study or were too busy, etc.
  • Cell phones are to be turned off or placed on the teacher’s desk. Students will be allowed to use them during breaks for emergency use only.
  • Mr. Courtad, our PE teacher, requires tennis shoes with socks to be worn during class.
  • Art is scheduled for Friday afternoons. Mrs. Hansen will let you know if any supplies are needed.