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Assignment / homework policy

Daily assignments are usually due at the beginning of the following school day unless another date is specified by the teacher. Incomplete assignments must be completed and turned in by the end of the week it was assigned. If not turned in, the assignment will be recorded as an F (0 points). Requiring students to be punctual when turning in assignments develops responsibility and dependability.

Students who are absent will have two (2) school days to turn the missed assignment in for every one (1) school day missed. Students will be given the opportunity to do extra credit, but it will not be given simply to pad a grade. 

Students may redo daily assignments if their score is 70% or below. Redo’s are generally required in Math. Each correct answer will count as ½ point.

Absent or incomplete work not turned in by the second weekly online progress report update will be marked as a “0” or F. Parents can keep up with their child’s weekly grade progress by checking grades on Engrade. A hard copy progress report will be sent home twice a quarter.

It is important that your child have a quiet and comfortable area in which to do their homework. Since daily class work is not usually due until the beginning of the following school day, I encourage parents to look over the student work. Check it for accuracy and neatness.

When difficulties arise, work with your child in completing their assignments. Make every effort to lead your child to an answer. Do not simply give them the answer. If it is not too late, you may also call me at home for assistance (913) 631-0865. If you are unable to contact me, send a note to school briefly explaining the situation and I will try to help them before the assignment is corrected and collected for recording.