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Classroom management plan

My classroom management plan is called, “How is Your Day?” In a prominent area of the classroom, a pocket chart is displayed with each student’s name on it. Each pocket has a stack of four different colored cards. Throughout the day each student can look up at the chart to see which card they are on. 

The top card, which is green, means the student is doing a commendable job and received no warnings for the day. When the green card is removed the yellow card behind it signals that a warning has been given for an inappropriate behavior. The third card, a blue one, signals that the warning was not heeded and a further consequence such as losing recess time is now in order. In addition, the parent will be contacted. Finally, the fourth card, red in color, indicates the student had a very difficult day behaviorally. This results in the “First Level” as outlined on the Sequence of Consequences sheet. A letter explaining the Sequence of Consequences will be sent home in a separate packet.

Summary of “How Is Your Day?”

  • Green Card - Commendable student behavior 
  • Yellow Card - Warning
  • Blue Card - Disciplinary consequence, teacher contacts parent
  • Red Card- Student sent to the vice-principal and Sequence of Consequences is implemented

Incidents may occur where a student goes directly from a green card to either a blue or red card. It all depends on the severity of the infraction. Whenever a student receives a Student Discipline Report it will be treated as if the teacher issued a red card.

Each day the student starts with a “clean slate,” meaning all cards are put back in order ready for the process to begin all over again. Encourage your child to have a great day and keep track of which card is showing for them at the end of each day to reinforce appropriate school behavior.

Privilege Pass Card 

Students will be recognized for appropriate behavior as well. I will keep track of individual positive student behavior on a “Privilege Pass Card.” Each card has 45 squares or points. Having fifteen or less points at the end of the quarter qualifies them to participate in a quarterly class activity.

Some of the ways students will get points are by:

  1. Borrowing a textbook because they left theirs at home.
  2. Needing copies of lost assignments.
  3. Needing to get a drink. Water bottles should be filled at breaks.
  4. Needing to us the bathroom more than once a day outside of regular breaks.
  5. Not putting up their chair after school.
  6. Having a “How Is Your Day?” card pulled.
  7. Being tardy to class (after lunch, music, PE, recess).

The teacher reserves the right to modify this list at any time.

Please note that for every fifteen (15) Privilege Pass Cards checked off each quarter a Student Discipline Report will be filled out by the teacher and sent home.

In order for students to participate in the quarterly “Special Friday Afternoon Activity” they must:

  1. Not have fifteen (15) or more squares filled in per quarter.
  2. Never having reached level one (1). See Sequence of Consequences sheet.
  3. Have all of their class work turned in.