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(S) Handbook for 3rd & 4th

Mrs. Murphy
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School number: (913) 268-7400
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  • Daily work becomes homework if not completed by the end of the school day. Any homework not finished will be completed at recess.
  • Homework typically consists of spelling, math (review of material covered in class) and math facts.
  • Students will also be expected to spend two hours a week reading at home.
  • Help your student develop good study habits while they are young. Provide a regular time and place to study and read.
  • If your child is spending more than 45 minutes a day completing homework send it back and I will help them complete it during recess.

Discipline Plan:

This year we will be using the Clip Chart Recognition program in our classroom. This allows me to recognize the good things that our students do as well as helping them to improve not-as-good behavior. For more information, continue reading here....


Your child is welcome to bring a treat to share with his/her classmates! Summer birthday children might want to celebrate their half birthdays. 

Scholastic Reading Counts: 
This is a comprehensive program that helps me monitor and assess student reading practice. After a student finishes a book on the Scholastic Reading Counts list, he/she will take a test on the computer to assess comprehension. The book your student is working on during Reading Workshop will come home each evening in the Boomerang Binder.  Each student will read books on the S.R.C. list until his/her goal for the nine weeks has been met.  After the goal is met homework reading  may consist of any type of reading material: the Bible, magazines, newspapers...

Books Orders:
There is absolutely no obligation to order books. If you choose to order please make the check out to Scholastic.