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Class of 2014 - Sophomores
Updated: Jan 21, 2014

Sophomore class - 2014

Summer Plans
by Camille Darrell

The sophomore class has grand ideas for this coming summer - sounds like they'll be having plenty of fun in the sun.

  • Tanner - Nothing but basketball
  • Jewel - Watching two innocent little girls all summer hehe!
  • Alicia - Let's see...Working at camp then going to Boston Brandt-Gonna' get a job or something...
  • Michael - Working...well I don't know yet
  • Andrew - Getting a job anywhere
  • Brett - Golf, baseball, and basketball. Lots of sports.
  • Lexi - Summer camp and then Worlds of Fun and then gonna' rock Chanute's(where she lives) world.
  • Brennan - Baseball and working.
  • Sarai - Hanging out at home playing XBOX with her brother.
  • Kristi - Traveling to California and Oregon, dog sitting, and scoring for the Monarchs.
  • Alex - Going on a cruise and working as an electrician.
  • Camille - Working as a lifeguard at Broken Arrow again and getting tan.
  • Addison - I'm skating and hopefully going to have a job.
  • Zoe - Besides going to Italy...I don't know ;)

by Alicia Whitson

She’s always leading out in one event or another. She does every extracurricular activity she can and excels at all of them. When somebody needs a hand, she’s the one they all know to call. She’s athletic, smart, and musical. She can do anything and do it well. Or maybe it’s a “he” in your life. Boy or girl, you probably have a specific person in mind (unless you are that person, in which case I offer you the highest of fives). This is because God blessed this person with an abundance of talents.

You might find yourself thinking….That’s not fair! When God was handing out talents, was I some sort of an afterthought? “Ooh, let’s give little Johnny the voice of an angel, a stellar hook shot, an aptitude for evangelism, and while we’re at it let us make him handsome in Our image,” you can imagine God saying. Then He walks over to you, reaches down into the bottom of his sack, and realizes he’s used up practically everything on Johnny. He digs through the scraps until he finds something suitable and hands you the gift of “being nice.”

How lovely, God! I’ve always wanted to grow up to be nice. You walk away feeling down. Being nice is hardly worthy of being called a talent. Anyone can be nice. It’s just a way of politely saying, “I’m sorry. You’re completely ordinary and unexceptional in every way.” Right?

Think about it. Where would the world be without nice people? Seriously. Not everyone has tact or even the heart to reach out to the outcasts. Some people don’t have the perception to notice someone who is hurting. Everyone can be nice, sure, but not everyone is wired to be friendly even when they don’t feel like it. That’s a talent, and if you have it, you’d better be using it to the best of your ability. To be honest, it’s more important to be nice than to be able to sing or play basketball.

No one is without talent. God gives everyone things they’re good at, things they excel in; the right ones that fit their personalities…the ones He knows they’ll be able to use ,and when we use them He will bless us. Don’t bury your talent because you think it’s useless or unimportant. Whether it’s “being nice”, writing, playing the xylophone, a photographic memory, or the ability to knock a baseball out of the park….It’s a gift from God!

(this article was originally published in the New Haven Connection newsletter)

Sophomores are Tops!
by Camille Darrell

All we do is win, win, win, no matter what!

That was the phrase many Sophomores used during the famous Broken Arrow Ranch Retreat competitions this year in August.

As we all sat there with Mr. Vollmer, our amazing class sponsor, we placed our students in the events we knew they'd do best. Take Brandt and Addison; they're the best at the long jump. Brett and Kristi are beasts at foosball. It seems like everyone in our class holds a certain talent just perfect for this yearly competition.

Last year we came in second against the class of 2011. But this year, due to their absence, we prevailed. I'm not going to lie - we really had our doubts as lot of the other classes said that this wasn't our year. That we were going to LOSE!

But when Katie Tucker announced the winner tie for first place with the class of 2012, we couldn't help but jump in the air, scream, and join together in a group hug. Because that's just the kind of class we are. One that wants to do the best...and be the best. Hopefully next year we will claim first again and be the ONLY first place team.

But from what I can tell...You'll be seeing a lot of the class of 2014. Especially on that plaque.

Great job Sophomores!

Signed, Your Prez

compiled by Camille Darrell

This year it seems that the Sophomore class is involved with a LOT of extra activities. Here is what some of our class is up to after (and before) school!

  • Lexi Allen: Diversity, Chapel Music, and JV volleyball.
  • Camille Darrell: Diversity, Varisty volleyball, and Yearbook.
  • Tanner Finnegan: Yearbook and Varsity basketball.
  • Alex Helmer: Yearbook, Chapel Music, Diversity.
  • Zoe Ingelse: JV volleyball.
  • Jewel Janke: Chapel Music, JV volleyball, and Diversity.
  • Addison Murray: Varsity volleyball and Yearbook.
  • Andrew Reed: Diversity, Chapel Music, and Yearbook.
  • Sarai Rodriguez: Varisty volleyball, Yearbook, and Diversity.
  • Brett Trana: Varsity Basketball.
  • Kristi Tucker: JV volleyball and Yearbook.
  • Alicia Whitson: Diversity and JV volleyball.
And even though the independent Monarchs baseball team is no longer associated with Midland, Brennan Nelson and Brett Trana play for the team, while Kristi Tucker is their official score keeper.

The Summer Season
compiled by Camille Darrell

Curious about what some of the sophomore students did during the summer? Well, wonder no longer!

  • Alex "volunteered at camp for a week, mowed lawns, and doing P90X"
  • Andrew "relaxed and planned a trip to Washington"
  • Kristi  "washed windows, chilled with friends, went to the San Juan Islands, and kept score for the Monarchs"
  • Tanner "chose to hang out with friends and enjoying life!"
  • Sarai was "chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool, And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school..haha no i'll be babysitting and hanging out with friends"
  • Camille "worked at BAR all summer as a lifeguard!"
  • Alicia was at "BROKEN ARROW RANCH! And umm... writing... and videoing things, and stalking down vinyl records"