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Teach Us 2 Pray!


At Midland Adventist Academy, we believe in providing our high school students with opportunities to learn to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We also believe it is vital for our students to gain energy for their spiritual journey by experiencing life for a few days with other Adventist Youth in grades 9-12.

As a result, a number of our Midland high school students attended the “teach us 2 pray!” conference, held from October 27-31. During the past year, host site Ozark Academy has been planning this prayer conference to help train and enrich the spiritual lives of our young people.

The weekend consisted of two parts. The first part took place on October 27–29 for students choosing to participate in peer leadership training. Their training was done at a church camp near Ozark Academy. Leadership participants then returned to the Ozark Academy campus on Friday to put their training into action. On Friday, students from the Mid-America Union, Southwestern Union, and Lake Union arrived at OAA to be led in worship and activities by their peer leaders. This weekend provided many opportunities for our students to associate with about 500 other Christian young people.

Midland provided transportation for those attending the leadership training conference, and for those attending the prayer conference. Students stayed in dorm rooms or local community homes for the event.

Sunday, October 31

Jake Trana (2:03 am) - 49 people baptized! God is great!

Sabbath, October 30

Dustin Foerderer (9:12 am) - Things are going ok - I am SUPER tired, but this evening will be better!
Kristi Tucker (10:09 am) - When we woke up this morning we went to breakfast, then went to church to sing. Now we are doing group things again.
Kristi Tucker (5:08 pm) - After the groups this morning we had church. We then went door to door in groups to pray with people. It was kinda fun, but that type of stuff is not my thing. We all came back and are now talking about our experiences doing that.
Abbey Adams (10:43 pm) - We just had an hour-long prayer. Before that we went house to house and prayed with people. Then after that was recreational time. Then the one-hour prayers.
Jake Trana (10:54 pm) - Sorry it's been so crazy today. Having our last meeting tonight...God is here.

Friday, October 29

Dustin Foerderer (10:57 am) - Worried about how we have to put this thing on, but the Lord will guide us through it.
Abbey Adams (10:59 am) - We are about to partner up; we are picking partners to lead out in sessions when the other students get here.
Jake Trana (12:53 pm) - Just finished lunch. We are about to finish up planning the weekend before the kids arrive. It will be great!
Kristi Tucker (1:07 pm) - We are on the bus; we stopped at a gas station to take a break and get food, then later we stopped at Sonic to get some lunch. We are still one or so hours away [from Ozark].
Abbey Adams (5:11 pm) - There is a pretty good amount of kids [in the second group].
Kristi Tucker (5:37 pm) - We got to the school and stood around for awhile, then Mrs. Maddux took some of us (Sarai, me, Jewel, Anna, Becky, Sommer and Abbey) to a house and we stayed there until five when we came back to eat.
Abbey Adams (9:09 pm) - We went to Vespers, had testimonies, and broke out into small groups.
Kristi Tucker (9:45 pm) - After supper we went to the church and sang some songs, then we told testimonies. After that we broke out into small groups lead by all the kid leaders; after that we all went to bed. 

Thursday, October 28

Dustin Foerderer (9:25 am) - We got the exciting news that we (the Leaders group) are putting on the prayer conference!!!
Abbey Adams (9:37 am) - Woke up this morning, had baked potatoes for breakfast. Now we are at our first session which started off with singing some songs like God of Wonders and Holy, Holy, Holy. Now Pastor Brandon Westgate is speaking.
Jake Trana (10:33 am) - We are breaking off into groups to brainstorm ideas for a movie using Luke 19:1-10 as our guide.
Jake Trana (4:59 pm) - I just prayed with a police officer!
Abbey Adams (7:22 pm) - Today we went door to door and prayed with people. Now we blew up balloons and put prayer requests in them and gave them to other people and we prayed for each other. It's pretty cool.
Jake Trana (8:24 pm) - Testimonies are finished, time for bed... 

Wednesday, October 27

Jake Trana (6:36 pm) - At the first meeting...
Dustin Foerderer (6:44 pm) - Everything is a blast. Meeting tons of new people!
Abbey Adams (6:47 pm) - We are at the camp now and we are having our first session. It started off singing Bible verses. 

Here is a rundown on the weekend:

  • October 27 – Leaders leave Midland for training and arrive at OAA by 3:00pm
  • October 27-29 – Leadership training
  • October 29-31 – Students leave Midland for prayer conference weekend

The cost of the trip to Midland students:

  • $45 ($10 for gas and $35 for food & lodging at OAA)
  • Students will also need to bring spare cash for food for the trip down and back

Student participation information:

  • Leader: Application due to Mr. Donovan by September 30 along with the $45 fee.
    This means you have chosen to attend the peer leadership training and the prayer conference, Oct. 27 – 31.
  • Spiritual Enrichment: Application due to Mr. Donovan by October 8 with the $45 fee.
    This means you have chosen to attend the prayer conference, Oct. 29 – 31.