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Ten Reasons to Consider Adventist Education
Where will your student go to school this year? Will it be an Adventist school? Before you make the final decision, consider this top ten list of reasons why you should seriously think about a Seventh-day Adventist school.

Reason #10 - While not perfect, an Adventist school is a safe place.

Reason # 9 - Somewhere between the health and PE classes and the hot lunch program, you will learn about healthier living.

Reason #8 - Lots of prayer and research have gone into the curriculum so that each subject taught includes the Bible.

Reason #7 - This sinful world wants you to see the word its way. Adventist schools help you see it God's way.

Reason #6 - There are teachers and then there are Adventist teachers. This choice involves sacrifce (seen their paychecks lately?) so they can teach and share their faith with you.

Reason #5 - Attend an Adventist school and make some friends. Ten, 20, 30, 50 years later -- you're still in contact.

Reason #4 - Sometimes one doesn't realize all that it means to be an Adventist. An Adventist school will teach you where you came from and just how big your family really is.

Reason #3 - You learn that the world doesn't revolve around you, but rather your neighbor.

Reason #2 - You begin to recognize that your neighbor actually includes more people than those who live on your street.

Reason #1 - And, finally, you discover that to love your neighbor more than yourself means knowing Jesus as your personal Savior.

This top ten list was developed in consultation with the North American Division Office of Education.