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Poetry Club

National Poetry Writing Month - 2015

On April 30 we held a head-to-head Haiku competition for 6-8th grade students. A haiku is a short poem of Japanese origin. It has 3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables respectively. 12 students prepared 5 haikus each for competition (some prepared as many as 20!). Randomly selected matches in three rounds eventually provided one champion after a very close last match.

Mia Randolph emerged victorious. Here are some of the haikus used in the competition, as well as all four that Mia read:


How far will you go
to show me that you love me?
Just say "I love you."                - Courtney Borne
In dreams, I sail on
Golden sea, yellow flowers
My boat sinks, wake up!           - Lily Burke
Golden eyes shining
Frightening you into a run
Striped paws hit the ground       - Victoria Shelton
Our hearts are puzzles
Try to find the missing piece
You're my missing piece           - Priscilla Josiah
Love is just a word
but if it's used correctly
it can have meaning                  - Elena Trana
Almost went to bed,
But I chose to go looking
For the sun instead.                  - Tori Sims
Time, watch it pass
See it slowly go away
Tick tock tick tock tick               - Evan Kropf
Oh allergy snot
Where did that Kleenex box go?
Sneezy drippy glop                   - Kareena Hansen
Fluffy and playful
Romping, chasing, and barking
My cute furry friend                    - Mia Randolph
Freedom to see all
A pencil or a rocket
Wow, how fast we go!                - Mia Randolph
What secrets you keep
What's lying beneath you?
Vast and beautiful                      - Mia Randolph
Strong, sturdy, and tall
A soldier, friend or kingdom
Swaying in the wind                   - Mia Randolph

National Poetry Writing Month - 2014

Several months ago, Mr. Hutchison has his poetry club write some poems based on a specific painting. He says, "Poetry club has been meeting every Friday after school since the beginning of the school year. I figured it would be good timing to publish these poems with it being National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo)."

"These are all ekphrastic poems, which means they are inspired by or in reaction to another form of art. For these poems, the poets all used the same painting from Google Cultural Institute online. The painting is by Japanese artist and illustrator Chihiro Iwasaki, and is titled 'The Girl Writing a Letter by the Sea at Sunset.'"

Lonely golden ghost
Wait by golden sea
Watch golden castle
Sink in golden waters.
Ply golden words on
Golden page
Bid golden sun
Bend golden rays
Rescue golden castle
For golden one inside.
Dreamy, eyes wide open
Watch golden hand
Lift golden house
From golden waters
Now wait and watch
Golden hand
Will wave
                        - Erin Burke

She think she's ugly 
She thinks she'll never get a man 
She dreams of being something different 
She dreams she didn't live on land

She pictures herself with a voice 
With paralyzing beauty and a tail
Entrancing those unlucky men 
Capturing all who travel by sail

She pulls the ships closer in
Sailors' faces almost in the sea 
She grabs their thoughts 
And pulls them into the deep
                         - Addison Murray
You never understand loneliness until you look across the ocean
Its vast expanse, nothing for miles
You see beauty as the sun sets and rises
But there is no one to share it with

Boats come and go
Some stay for weeks, and others for months.
Joy and laughter come with their presence
But I am always here,
Waiting for others to come
And, one day, take me with them.

My moms calling,
I have to leave
If you find this, I'll be here
Hoping for someone to save me
From the sea's solitude
Watching the sun fall under the ocean.
                          - Ben Archibeque
There is fire on the water
in the shadow of looming night
Fire on the waves
and on the bleeding horizon
There is fire pouring down
my stoic face
and my heart becomes
the horizon
The fire is laughing on the water
mocking the devotion in my eyes
A ship in the flames
and on the bleeding horizon
There is fire burning
the hope from my heart
and the ship is there no more
The fire is cruel on the water
painting a mirage of welcome home
                       - Mr. Hutchison
A leaning outline
Or quite frankly
Multiple shapes that start to take form

A girl, back is face to me
She at first seems to be watching
Gazing at the outline of a sailboat
Floating on a sea of red
Quite frankly an expanse of red

A girl, who's back is what I can see
Is kneeling at a table
Staring at the red sea
Sitting with her arms on the table
Quite frankly, writing about what she sees        

I get the illusion next
That she is - in fact - facing me
Is the ocean behind her?
Is the table in front of her?
Closer to me?

I came to conclude-
A girl, back is face to me
                          - Michaela Raygor