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Olivia's Adventures

Friday, Oct. 28
Olivia the Pom went home with Izaak this past Friday. She must have had a wonderful time because she came back wearing a darling little floral skirt! I  wonder who sewed it! Here is what Izaak wrote in Olivia's journal: Olivia and I went to the ACM competition. We saw lots of marching bands. It was fun! That's my cousin, Evan. His band won! (Izaak included a photo of his cousin in the competition)

Friday, Nov. 4
Olivia went home with Zachariah and I know she was well taken care of because I saw them at Hymn Sing on Friday night.She was so reverent in the sanctuary and did not make 1 "woof." Here is what Zachariah wrote in the journal: Olivia's favorite activity was playing with Handy Manny, which is a little tool set. She uses tools to fix things. We fixed the floor. (Zachariah included a picture of him and Olivia fixing things!) 

Friday, Nov. 11
Olivia went home with Abby and had a fantastic time! Here is what Abby wrote about Olivia's weekend: "Olivia helped decorate our family Christmas tree. We had hot cocoa to drink. Olivia also listened to Christmas music." Olivia came back to school wearing a darling new outfit...so I know she went shopping. 

Friday, Nov. 18
My what a great time Olivia had going home with Joyce!  Here is what Joyce wrote..."We made crafts and had a bunch of fun playing games, and taking pictures!"

Friday, Dec.2
Olivia went home with Grettah and had many fun adventures! Here is what Grettah wrote about Olivia's weekend: "Olivia and I went to Squaw Creek to see bald eagles. She also helped my dad and I drive around the wildlife park. We had lots of fun!" Olivia came back wearing a new scarf to keep her warm this winter.

Friday, Dec. 9
Olivia had a wonderful weekend with Aidan V.  The weekend was full of playing lots of fun games. Here is what Aidan wrote...Olivia asked, "Is there something special we can do?"  I said, "We could play hide and seek." And she found me. "

Friday, Jan. 6
Olivia got plenty of exercise this weekend with Logan. Here is what Logan wrote about Olivia's weekend: " Olivia and I had a bunch of fun this weekend. We played Wipeout on the XBOX 360." Olivia came back very thankful that Logan kept her safe from wiping out on the game they played.

Friday, Jan. 20
Olivia went home with Tryndon. She had a very relaxing weekend playing video games. She also helped get a room ready for Tryndon's cousin. She thoroughly enjoyed her special time with her new friend.

Friday, Jan. 27
Olivia had a enjoyable weekend with Victoria. Here is what Victoria wrote in Olivia's journal. "We warmed up by the fire after we gathered red wood. We ate dinner and watched a movie. Then we went to bed." Olivia had a nice time with her new friend and loved being snuggled over the weekend.

Friday, Feb. 3
Olivia had a fun weekend with her new friend Peyton. Here is what Peyton wrote in Olivia's journal. "We had a bunch of fun playing together. We had fun playing dogs together with Kosmo."  Peyton inserted a cute picture in the scrapbook of her and Olivia along with Kosmo and Paige.  Olivia was happy to play with another dog!

Friday, Feb. 24
Olivia had such an adventurous weekend with Heidi. The warm weather allowed them to play at the park where Heidi pushed her on the swing. Heidi said, "Olivia and I had a tea party. Erin, Lily and I gave her a new look. We had fun!" I know Olivia had fun because she has been sleepy all day.

Friday, March 2
Olivia lives for weekends. This weekend she was so excited to go home with Emma. They had a lot of fun together. Here is what Emma wrote in Olivia's journal, "We played cheerleaders and colored a picture together. We had so much fun!" Olivia is once again having a sleepy Monday. She's worn out from a very fun weekend.

Friday, March 23
Olivia had a very eventful weekend with Troy. She is just loving this spring weather. Here is what Troy wrote in Olivia's journal. "In the car Olivia and I read Boo. When we got home, I warmed up in basketball and Olivia watched me. Then we watched the Nascar movie." Olivia had so much fun with her new friend.

Friday, March 30
Olivia loves making new friends. She loves her new friend Ethan.  Here is what Ethan wrote in Olivia's journal. "We went out to eat and shopping together. We had fun!" Olivia also enjoyed reading with her new friend. Olivia is fast asleep now. She's resting from her busy weekend.

Friday, April 6
Olivia had the opportunity to spend the weekend with her new friend Aiden Wilde. She enjoyed lots outside time. Here is what Aiden wrote in Olivia's journal. "We took a bike ride. A little bit later we got home and we got ready for bed. Then I said my prayers." Olivia is really enjoying all this special attention. She loves all her new friends.

Friday, April 13
Olivia spent the weekend with Megan Young. We hope she had a great time hanging with her friend Megan...but we can't be sure because Megan did not fill out a journal page. When I asked Olivia if she had a fun weekend she said not a thing, but I think I noticed a twinkle in her eye!

Friday, April 27
Wow, Olivia had such a wonderful weekend with Rowan! She enjoyed things that most Pomeranians never have the opportunity to experience. Here is what Rowan wrote in Olivia's journal. "Olivia and I went to World's of Fun. She helped me drive a car. We had so much fun!" Olivia loves all the rides at World's of Fun. She hopes to ride them again someday.

Friday, May 4
Olivia got the opportunity to visit one last home this school year. She was very excited that it was Patricia's home. Here is what Patricia wrote about their special time together. "Olivia and I went to the store and we went to church." Olivia loves shopping and more importantly she loves Jesus. Olivia had such a wonderful time with her new friend Patricia.

Olivia had an awesome school year getting to know all the 1st and 2nd graders. She looks forward to resting in the sun and playing in the sprinklerthis summer. She's anxiously waiting for August to meet all the new 1st and 2nd graders. Woof, Woof!