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Class of 2014 - Freshman (1st Semester)

by the Freshmen

bar scale of grades

Freshmen year has finally hit the first semesters finals. With everyone stressed out over grades and studying, winter break seems farther and farther away.

Here's a word or two from the freshmen concerning our upcoming tests: 

  • Kristi Tucker - I like half days but having to sit for hours taking tests is not going to be fun.
  • Tanner Finnegan - They're going to be easy.
  • Sarai Rodriguez - Only if you study! (Sarai's reply to Tanner's comment)
  • Alicia Whitson - I am afraid I'm going to do bad on the geography final and the math final. I'm freaking out about them!
  • Brett Trana - I just can't wait for the week to be over!

As you can see this week definitely needs to be over fast - more updates soon!

Thoughts on Thanksgiving Break
by Camille Darrell

The freshmen got to go home this break and have a good time with family and hopefully catch up on some much needed sleep at home. Besides eating mashed potatoes and taking w-a-y too many family photos, many of the freshmen enjoyed doing other things. Some went on cruises, others won a few games of Monopoly, or you may have been one of the few lucky enough to meet Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles from the Kansas City Chiefs at the Plaza lighting!

Our class has a lot to be thankful for, being here at Midland with our friends, teachers, and God. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and that you are ready for another week of school and much more.

Scorekeeper for the Monarchs
by Kristi Tucker

This fall I kept the score books for the Midland Monarchs baseball team. I had a lot of fun listening to all the dugout talk, and watching people I've never seen frustrated GET frustrated. While I was keeping the books, Sarai and Katie came to a few games to cheer on Brett Trana and Brennan Nelson, and ended up knowing all the player's names before I did!

I learned a lot of baseball terms that I didn't know, and how to mark them down for the coaches to review. The best part of keeping score was staying up one night untill 1:00 am and then having to wake up at 8:00 am the next morning to keep score for the next game.

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity
by Camille Darrell

On Tuesday, October 19, Addison Murray, Alicia Whitson, Andrew Reed, Camille Darrell, Sarai Rodriguez, Jewel Janke, and Alex Helmer participated in the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. These students believe that it made a statement to their high school classmates as they were being silent for one day (or at least trying to). So what did they learn? 

  • "It was frustrating at times because people kept trying to talk to me but I couldn't reply back. It made me feel good about myself for trying to be silent" - Alicia Whitson
  • "It was annoying how some people took it as a joke when we were trying to be serious about a sensitive topic." - Jewel Janke
  • "I learned how many people actually try to talk to me everyday.." - Andrew Reed
  • "I didn't like not being able to talk, but it was easier for me to be silent for a reason then to just be silent for my own self." - Sarai Rodriguez
  • "It was difficult not being able to talk for a day, but I think it was a good thing to do to show recognition of those who have been silenced by abortion." - Addison Murray
  • "It was kind of peaceful and not that hard to do, but there are always times I wish I could have been able to say things." - Alex Helmer
  • "I now know what it must be like to not be able to talk...I kind of made up my own personal sign language that day." - Camille Darrell

by Camille Darrell

For the second year in a row the Freshman class is selling Jarritos every Friday at lunch. We have tons of flavors to choose from including pineapple (pina), fruit punch (tutifruiti), lime (limon), mango (mango), and much more!

Originally we sold the drinks for $1.50 but we have reduced our prices to $1.00 - don't forget some extra money on Fridays to enjoy an awesome drink with your lunch!

Jarritos History:
Shortly after launching the first Jarritos in Mexico City in 1950, Francisco Hill developed a process to remove tamarind juice extract. He used this process to create the first tamarind-flavored soft drink in Mexico: Jarritos Tamarindo. Hill quickly followed this success with Mandarin, Lemon, and Fruit Punch flavors. Within 10 years, Jarritos became available in most of Mexico. Jarritos were first imported into the United States in 1989, and by 1997, the eleven different flavors were the most popular soft drink in the U.S. among Latino consumers.

A thank-you to Johnny Edwards, Tanner Finnegan, Alex Helmer, Sarai Rodriguez, and Addison Murray for modeling in the following Freshmen advertisements (created by Camille Darrell).

Freshmen Updates... (October 2010)
by Camille Darrell

This week in our class...

  • The high school choir (including many Freshmen) got a visit from an all-guys singing group from KU. After listening to us perform the Star-Spanged Banner and Be Thou My Vision, they gave us a few tips on improving the sound of the choir.
  • The class performed a small skit for chapel on Thursday about showing our love for God.
  • Planned out our Fall Festival booths for this Sunday, stop by anytime at our booth ;-).
  • Sold Jarritos on Friday for lunch, and will be doing so every week for class funds.
  • Tanner Finnegan, Andrew Reed, Johnny Edwards, and Alex Helmer helped out in Friday chapel with song service.
  • Brett Trana, Johnny Edwards, and Camille Darrell helped Mrs. Murrill with hot lunch.
  • This was the last week for team points in Mr. Vollmer's class; let's just say that Tanner's team won 1st and Alex's team took 2nd. There are only two teams...
  • Alicia Whitson, Sarai Rodriguez, Jewel Janke, and Camille Darrell made the Varsity Girl's Basketball team and we can't forget that Tanner Finnegan and Brett Trana also made the Varsity Guy's Basketball team. It'll be a good year! Go Mustangs!
  • Just finished the last week of the first quarter, let's hope our grades impress our parents!
Singing group from KU Alex and Johnny playing guitar
A group from KU helped us out in choir Alex and Johnny handle music during Chapel

Fall Festival (October 2010)
from Mr. Vollmer (class sponsor)

The Freshman class will be responsible for two booths at this year’s Fall Festival (Sunday, Oct. 17th). One booth will be a balloons and darts game and the other will be a cookies and drink (Jarritos & milk) refreshments stand.

Theme colors are gold/white/light blue, or any other color matching the festival’s heavenly theme. Each Freshman has agreed to help make this year’s activity a success. As a parent, your help and encouragement will be greatly appreciated. If my notes are correct, the following is a list of what  each student has volunteered to do.
Here is a list of the names and times students have volunteered to watch the booths on Sunday.  

  • Cookies - All, especially those unable to help Sunday the 17th  
  • Booth set-up - Jewel, Camille, Mikey & any other volunteer 
  • Grand Prize - Vollmer
  • Darts - Mike       
  • Balloons & tacks - Sarai
  • Dart board - Mikey      
  • Candy(consolation prize) - Alex
  • Drinks - Mike(milk), Camille(Jarrito)    
  • Cup/napkins - Addison, Brennan
Here is a list of the names and times students have volunteered to watch the booths on Sunday.

Time Balloons Milk & Cookies
12:00 - 12:30pm Camille, Brandt Alex, Andrew
12:30 - 1:00 pm Alicia, Sarai Alex, Camille
1:00 - 1:30 pm Mikey, Addison Johnny, Mike
1:30 - 2:00 pm Jewel, Johnny Alicia, Addison
2:00 - 2:30 pm Mikey, Andrew Tanner, Jewel
2:30 - 3:00 pm Alex, Alicia Sarai, Mike

Freshmen Factoids (October 2010)
compiled by Camille Darrell
  • Jewel Janke, Addison Murray, and Alicia Whitson volunteered at Broken Arrow Ranch last summer.
  • We got two new Michael's this year - Michael Davison and Michael Davila.
  • This is the 11th year that Johnny Edwards and Camille Darrell have attended Midland.
  • Kristi Tucker does score keeping for the Monarchs baseball team.
  • Team captain Tanner Finnegan is dominating in team points for Mr. Vollmer's class.
  • The Freshman class is currently the largest class in the high school.
  • The class song is "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

Questions and Answers (September 2010)
by the Freshman class

Q: What's been your favorite thing about this school year so far?
Broken Arrow Ranch Retreat! -The whole class
Q: Favorite Class: (Lunch doesn't count!)
Bible class! - Michael Davison
Algebra 1 - Addison Murray
Science - Brandt Hill
Q: What are you looking forward to this year?
Banquets...? - Jewel Janke
Summer vacation! - Alex Helmer
Q: Are you excited about banquets?
Yes, but if a guy wants to ask me he has to work hard to be my date! - Kristi Tucker
Q: What do you think about daily chapels?
They're good, but different though.- Mike Davila
They're awesome! - Andrew Reed
I love how every chapel is different and that everyone is involved.- Camille Darrell

When the Going Gets Tough... (September 2010)
by Camille Darrell

Due to the absence of 6th graders (currently at Environmental Camp), Tuesday's game against Christ Prep took an interesting turn when the Middle School Girl's volleyball team only had six girls to put on the court. Luckily, Freshmen Kristi Tucker and Sarai Rodriguez went in to help out Coach Sherl Fenton, and threw on some well-remembered jerseys.

Though the Middle School Girls suffered a loss, it was definitely a moment that makes you remember that when worst comes to worst, we all try our best to help one another. A close game it was, but in the end, counting on one another was worth more than a big "W".

Middle School Volleyball team Volleyball substitutions
Middle School Girls Team (plus two helpful freshmen!) The fresh(wo)men temporarily check out of the game

Freshmen/Sophomore Vespers (September 2010)
by Camille Darrell

The Freshman and Sophomore classes got together on Friday night (Sept. 17)  at 6:30 to worship God in the first vespers of the school year. The fun-filled night was held together with tons of delicious snacks, s'mores, football, volleyball matches, worship, and a warmly-lit fire.

Thanks to Pastor Luke Self and the Tucker family, this event entertained a lively group of 28 teenagers - more people than have ever come to the Tucker's homely abode! Lots of laughs and smiles were in place that night; God's light was definitely around everyone and never left as the day came to a close.

That night I learned that having Vespers really does help people's relationship with God, and it's not just a night to converse with friends; it's also a good time to actually learn about one another and have a great time doing so.

Can't wait for the next one!

We're Freshmen! (September 2010)
by Camille Darrell, class president

Finally out of the middle school hump, we are out in the new world of lockers, new teachers, varsity sports, and a whole new hallway!
In the mix of our new schedules and loads of more homework then we're used too, we have made it well into the month of September.
Back from our first Broken Arrow Retreat, we all learned that if we work together we can be a well-oiled machine; especially since our victorious win in tug-of-war. We also found that working with other classes is good too, as we won capture the flag with the Sophomores.
I think being with high school has taught us a lot of values we never knew we would come by, especially Mr. Vollmer's most common saying of "There's an F, and then there's an F!" Hopefully we can stay as far away from those F's as possible!
Let God be with us through every step we take this year and let him bless everyone in their studies.