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Senior On-line Auction

The Senior class held a silent auction as part of their class benefit. The list of items available for bidding is listed below. Don't bother making a bid, as this auction is OVER! 

 Photo Description Minimum
Midland-themed basket
A variety of Midland-themed items, PLUS a two-night stay at The Village at Indian Point in Branson (specific list of dates to choose from).
- Administration
Mrs. Fairchild's Incredible Edibles
A collection of homemade sweets, plus the chance to select three more items between January and April
- Trana family
 $40.00  $50.00

Nov. 16
12:40 am
 chocolate basket "Chocolate" basket & KC Coupon Book
A selection of Ghiradelli chocolates, M&M's,
plus a 2011 KC Coupon book

- Pope family
 Red Mountains Zion National Park "Red Mountains" Zion National Park
Two framed & matted photos
- Christensen family
 Monterey Seaside California "Monterey Seaside" California
Framed & matted photo
- Christensen family
 Mount Baker Lake Reflections "Mount Baker Lake Reflections"
Framed & matted photo
- Christensen family
$50.00  $50.00

Nov. 18
4:12 pm
  Chiefs tickets
Two club-level tickets plus a Gold parking pass to the game against Denver on Dec. 5. It's your chance to support Jamaal Charles AND the senior class!
- Yelorda family
  Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour tickets
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 7:30pm 

Packages includes two suite tickets, a parking pass, food and beverage in suite, plus VIP Entrance into the Sprint Center. 
- Perceptive Software
$50.00  $50.00

Nov. 19
7:55 am

(Photo not available)

- Yelorda family
 Talents & Services for Hire
per hour
 Vickie Williams Babysitting, walking dogs, pet care
- Vickie Williams
 Abbey Adams Pet / dog sitting
- Abbey Adams

Nov. 17
8:58 am
 Nick Kanion Sports buddy to play games with kids
- Nick Kanion
 Nayome Frishman Clean house, cook, or babysit
- Nayome Frishman

Nov. 16
6:46 am
 Dustin Foerderer Skateboard lessons
- Dustin Foerderer
 Hannah DeCamp Horse riding lesson (transportation,
brushing, tacking up, riding, untacking)
- Hannah DeCamp

Nov. 17
7:55 pm
 Craig Christensen Video creation/production or picture digitalization
[Green Ribbon Productions]
- Craig Christensen

Nov. 19
12:08 pm

Leaf-raking crew

Leaf raking and/or yard labor
- Jacob Trana
- Kirbi Yelorda
- Bryan Pope
- Andrea Reed

- Braden Frishman


To bid on one of the above items, fill in the form below and click Send.
(For Talents and Services, please specify your bid per HOUR of service)

Bidding deadline: November 19, 4:00 pm

Bid selection:

Item  My Bid Services  (per hour)
 Midland-themed basket    Vickie Williams  
 Fairchild Edibles    Abbey Adams  
 Chocolates basket    Nick Kanion  
     Nayome Frishman  
 Red Mountains photos (2)    Dustin Foerderer  
 Monterey Seaside photo    Hannah DeCamp  
 Mount Baker Lake photo    Craig Christensen  
     Jacob Trana  
 Chiefs tickets    Kirbi Yelorda  
 TSO tickets    Bryan Pope  
 Bicycle    Andrea Reed  
     Braden Frishman  
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