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Why Choose Midland?
Why should I send my child to Midland? There are plenty of reasons.

Now you may be totally familiar with Midland and Adventist education, or this may be your first exposure to the advantages of a Midland education. Whatever your situation, this page will provide you with a variety of topics on why an Adventist, Christian, and holistic education at Midland Adventist Academy is a GOOD idea!


Private School Students More Likely to Be Ready for College

ACT testACT test Students with diplomas from private high schools are considerably more likely to be ready for college than those with diplomas from other schools, according to data from ACT.

Eighty-five percent of 2015 graduates of religious and independent schools who took the ACT met or exceeded the test's college readiness benchmark score in English, compared to 61 percent of graduates from public schools.

The share of students who met or surpassed the benchmark scores in other subjects measured on the ACT was also higher in private schools (reading - 66 percent vs. 44 percent; math - 60 vs. 40; science - 55 vs. 36).

Midland ACT Results 2012

The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in English, mathematics, reading and science. The following table takes the percentage of our seniors whose test results indicate that they are ready for college level coursework by subject, and compares it with the seniors from the state of Kansas, and then the seniors from the nation as a whole. Just one more reason to send your children to Midland!

  English Algebra Social
Biology All Four
Midland 90% 70% 60% 70% 50%
Kansas 72% 51% 51% 42% 30%
USA 64% 44% 44% 36% 26%


Great Start:

As part of the Adventist education system, Midland will get your child off to a great start in their education. Where might that education lead? Keep reading...

Do you know what college or university can claim that it’s students graduate with the highest paid jobs?

Harvard? No. Yale? No. In fact, you can forget all the Ivy League schools. The paycheck honors belongs to Loma Linda University, a Seventh-Day Adventist school, which educates a large number of students majoring in the health fields.

Adventist education - it's well worth the investment. For more on this story, read the full article as published by CBS MoneyWatch.com. 


What does it mean to be on the Honor Roll at Midland Adventist Academy?

On a regular basis, 60-70% of our high school students are on the Honor Roll. To show the significance of this achievement, below is a comparison ranking of those students and their cumulative percentile ranking on the ITBS standardized test.
Honor Roll Level
# of students
1st semester
# of students
2nd semester
Average %
Principal's Scholar 3.90 - 4..00 6 5 98%
High Distinction 3.70 - 3.89 4 6 88%
Distinction 3.50 - 3.69 7 6 82%
Honors 3.00 - 3.49 13 13 84%

(Overall average for 30 students = 88%)

In short, 65% of our students score in the top 12% of students nationwide on the standardized achievement test! Growing kids spiritually and academically is what makes the Midland difference.

General Excellence:

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find out what an organization is really like. This link contains a variety of direct quotes from Midland's students, staff and family. We think you'll be impressed by what they have to say.


Midland grows leaders! Many of our Midland Alumni go off to college and take on leadership roles. Here are some ways our most recent graduates and alumni are leading out on their college campuses:
  • Thomas Whitson lead out in ACF (Adventist Christian Fellowship), a Bible-study group that meets to fellowship and socialize together on the KU campus.
  • Mitchell Seltman and Lauren Christensen served as student missionaries in 2010/2011
  • During class elections at Union College in 2010, seven Midland alumni were elected as officers; an eighth served as a class sponsor.
Freshmen: Rachel Blake (secretary)
Sophomores: Mikey Archibeque (president), Sam Adams (vice-president), Azriel Peckham (secretary), Jordan Breyer (treasurer)
Juniors: Jenny Leslie (vice-president), Richard Young (sponsor)
Seniors: Lauren Keller (secretary)


Eight current or former Midland students received recognition in 2010 for outstanding workmanship at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Collin Hoffman, Cari (Hoffman) Wilson, Beckie Fairchild, Kirsten Dahl, Jennifer (Hallock) Rebarchek, Mary Jo Murphy, Megan Prosser and Bo Seltman were all recognized by co-workers in the "Thank You" section of the SMMC Stethascoop.


At Midland, academics are a priority and that is reflected in our ACT scores. The following information represents the ACT numbers for our graduating class of 2010.  These scores are shown as a comparative to other Kansas High School students.  Some things to keep in mind:
  • All of our students take the ACT, not just our college bound students
  • All scores are included in the MAA report, including our low end scores
  • Our student composite score was 24.2.  The Kansas state score is 22.0, and the national average score 21.9
  English Math Reading Science Composite
Midland 24.5 23.8 24.0 23.3 24.2
State 21.4 21.7 22.3 21.9 22.0
SMSD*         23.1
National         21.9

We believe our students are more than prepared advanced educational opportunities at the college of their choice. God has a plan for each of our students and we want them to be prepared for God’s will for them.

* Shawnee Mission School District

Faculty achievement:

The ING Insurance Group awarded high school science teacher Jason Donovan a $2000 Unsung Heroes grant. Each year, educators submit applications for ING grant money by describing projects they have initiated or would like to pursue. Each project is judged on its innovative method, creativity, and the ability to positively influence students. As one of the 100 winners for 2010, Mr. Donovan will also be awarded additional grant money if his proposal is chosen as one of the top three projects nationwide. 


At Midland Adventist Academy, we believe in providing our high school students with opportunities to learn to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We also believe it is vital for our students to gain energy for their spiritual journey by experiencing life for a few days with other Adventist Youth in grades 9-12.

As a result, a number of our Midland high school students attended the “teach us 2 pray!” conference, held in October 2010. The conference consisted of peer leadership training, as well as worship activities, prayer sessions, and community visitation. This weekend provided many opportunities for our students to associate with 500 other Christian young people.  


Looking for academic excellence in a Christ-centered learning environment? Consider this:
  • The entire senior classes of 2010 and 2011 graduated with a college preparatory diploma
  • These seniors collectively were awarded over $500,000 in college scholarships
  • Students in grades 3-11 score a 1/2 to 1 grade level above the national norm on the basic skills test
Midland makes a difference every day, spiritually, academically, and physically.  


Midland Adventist Academy received a six-year, clear accreditation term in 2010. This is the highest recommendation that can be given to a school in the Adventist education system. The comment made by Lanny Hurlbert, chairperson of the visiting team, was “If not Midland, who?”

It is a mighty thing to know that we are setting the bar for educational excellence. We would like to say a special thank you to students, parents, board members, and constituents who participated in this accreditation process.  We are richly blessed by the support of our community.


At Midland Adventist Academy, Service to Others Matters - Help 4 Haiti

At Midland, service to others is a priority. After the Haiti disaster, Midland students and families spent two weeks raising money for Haiti relief. One anonymous donor agreed to make a $500 donation if we raised $500. Our students embraced the challenge and brought in over $1,100.00. The final amount of $1,600.00 was sent to ADRA for Haiti disaster relief. We have been blessed by the generous hearts of so many of our students and their families. 


Because of his high PSAT scores, Thomas Whitson (class of 2007) received recognition as a National Merit Scholar Finalist in 2007. Commended National Merit Scholars include Chris Fairchild (2010), Alicia Whitson (2014), Megan Schlinsog (2015), and Erin Burke (2016).

Three 2010 seniors (Shelby Seibold, Sara Whitson, and Robby Willer), attended the “Brain Games” at Southwestern Adventist University on Jan. 21-23, 2010. They competeted in Science and Mathematics against other academies in the North American Division. Our Midland students took first place in the science competition and second place in math. They were awarded a check for $750.00 to go towards our science and math departments.