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Grandparents & Friends Thanksgiving Lunch

by Erin Burke

Performing, seeing mom and dad, eating pumpkin pie, and fundraising were all parts of the Grandparents and Friends Thanksgiving Dinner held Monday, November 22. The different classes performed in a variety of ways, including skits, singing, boomwhackers, and the middle school band.

The kindergarten class sang several action songs. Kindergartener Izaak’s favorite song was Higher, Higher “because I like the way it sounds when me and my friends sing it together.” Fellow KG Peyton said she especially enjoyed performing He’s My Rock My Sword My Shield, “since I like doing the motions for the song.”

Mrs. Prosser’s class sang a song about things they liked and didn’t like. 2nd grader Jonah said, “I liked the part where we sang ‘cats are for putting up with,’ because it was crazy!” Animal-lover Kareena (2nd grade) enjoyed the lyrics that said, “Dogs are for hugging and cats are for putting up with,” she said, “because it was about animals.”

The third and fourth graders performed America The Beautiful using Mrs. Murphy’s unique boomwhacker instruments. Fourth grader Paige enjoyed the boomwhackers because “they make cool sounds,” while Elena (4th grade) pointed out, “They don’t hurt unless you hit your head too hard!”

Grades 6-8 performed in Mrs. Bruette’s Middle School Band, playing two songs: The Star-Spangled Banner and Disney’s Magical Marches. Mrs. Bruette said she chose these songs for specific reasons. “The Star-Spangled Banner is an important piece for all students to be able to play and sing. The MENC, which is the national association for music educators, has been campaigning for several years to educate our nation’s children about the national anthem. This arrangement [of The Star-Spangled Banner] is also quite assessable for beginning/intermediate bands.” She added, “Disney’s Magical Marches is a fun piece to play and educates students in march-style techniques."

The 7th and 8th grade class performed a skit which included different foods hanging out in a refrigerator, an old grandpa and grandma, and visiting relatives for Thanksgiving. Megan (8th grade) played the role of the Cranberry Sauce. “I enjoyed this role because I was fighting [with the other foods] in the beginning, but at the end realized that we all worked really well together. Probably my favorite part was at the beginning when I told the pumpkin pie he wasn’t the only one who could taste sweet.”

“I played the turkey,” said Jeremy (8th grade). “I just liked being in the skit,” he added. “My favorite part was the grandpa and grandma.”

Emily (8th grade) said, “I played Rachel, one of the family members. I enjoyed playing that part because it was easy and I got to be a person, not food. My favorite part was when the food was hubbing in the refrigerator. It was very amusing how they bragged about how they tasted better than all the other food.”

Following the performances, family members joined their Midland students at a special Thanksgiving dinner.  Comments by the students included these:
  • Drew H. (5th grade) - "My favorite part of the dinner was the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie, and I also liked spending time with my two grandmas.”
  • Andrew N. (5th grade) - “My mom and grandma attended the program. It was fun being able to spend time with them and I was thankful that my grandma was able to come since some people didn’t get to have their grandmas there.”
  • Leah (4th grade) - “The funnest part of having my family come was getting to see and spend time with them at my school.”
  • Estibaliz (6th grade) - “My dad came. The most fun part of having him there was just seeing him, and not having to come back to the class for a long time.”
  • Nathan N. (7th grade) -  “I enjoyed spending time with my mom and grandma, and my grandma got to hear me play in the band.”
Students weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the event. Family members enjoyed spending time with their kids at school. Mrs. Savona-Wilson, Leah’s mom, said, “I love coming to see Leah at school. It was especially great this time because her grandpa and grandma got to come and see her school and see her class perform. Thanksgiving dinner was so yummy and the show beforehand was great! All the grades did such a good job.” Mrs. Burke exclaimed, “I always enjoy seeing kids perform up front, and all the songs and skits were interesting and done very well. I also really enjoyed getting acquainted with a couple of my girls’ classmates’ parents and grandparents at the dinner.”

Mrs. Fairchild, who prepared the delicious meal, said that she used 60 pounds of potatoes, 8 pounds of stuffing mix, 4 bags of celery, 30 pounds of green beans, 35 pounds of corn, 15 pounds of veggie turkey, 8 pounds of onions, 12 cans of condensed milk, 16 dozen rolls, and, to top it off, 20 pumpkin pies. Besides using this much food, the meal set a new record for Midland hot lunches: 185 people were served!

The meal was a significant fundraiser for the senior class. Mrs. Murrill, the senior class sponsor, said thankfully, “Mrs. Fairchild did the cooking, and we owe a lot to her.” She explained that the senior class holds fundraisers because “we want to cover all the expenses the seniors incur so no one is left out of any activity.” Craig Christiansen, senior class president, reported that the seniors helped with the advertising, money-collecting, serving and clean-up. “The Thanksgiving Dinner was our fourth fundraiser this year. We will use the money we’re raising for graduation, class trip, and the class gift.”

(Thanks to Camille Darrell and Dawn Burke for the photos)