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Snow Creek Ski Trip (Grades 5-8)
Upper elementary took their annual trip to Snow Creek Resort on February 10th. Thanks to "several feet of snow" that fell early this year, the slopes were in great shape. Check out Erin's story and a photo gallery below! (pictures thanks to Byron Burke)

By Erin Burke

What better way to spend a winter school day than to ski down a slope, watching classmates steer off in random directions and/or falling down in all sorts of creative ways? Earlier this month, the upper grade students (grades 5-8) did just that in their field trip to Snow Creek.

Upon arrival, we all sat down in the lodge and listened to a man give a talk about how it was important to learn to steer before we hit the slopes, and please not to crash into each other. Next, we went to another building and actually got our skis. When we went outside, some of us tried to get poles, but the ski instructors told us to put them down at once. Beginners with poles wouldn’t be good! So we proceeded to our ski lessons without poles.

In the lessons, we learned how to put our skis on, how to stop in them, how to walk about in them, and to how to go UP hills. Finally, we climbed a low hill and glided down. The fun part about that was watching the whole long line of people climbing the hill, because when one of them lost their grip and slid backwards, the whole line did likewise.

After learning how to climb hills and then how to go down them, we learned to use a rope tow when going up hills. I really liked that because it was a lot easier than climbing hills without it. Also it was fun feeling yourself just push off from the rope when you let go.

After that we learned to steer, and it was pretty funny watching all these people going around in random directions. One girl had to be rescued before she went off a small ledge!

Finally we hit the slopes. At first, the ski lift had to stop a lot because they had neglected to teach us how to get on and off. But almost everyone got the hang of it eventually. The most fun thing for me about skiing down the hills was feeling the wind in my face and seeing how fast I was really going. I stayed mostly on the easier, less-steep hills, but some people were a lot braver and even went down the Black Diamond, the steepest slope. It was really fun riding up the ski lift and yelling encouragement to those skiing below.

At the end of the day, we all handed our skiis back in and located our shoes and bags. Then we all loaded back into our various cars and buses, and headed back from a day of lots of skiing and smiles.