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Midland's Got Talent II

Travis and Tina Finnegan, leaders of Midland's Home and School, recently organized a second helping of Midland's Got Talent! During the January 26th program, entertainment with lots of music was the order of the evening. A total of 25 students presented 18 acts that ranged from vocal duets to a cornet solo, with a lot of piano music as well.

Drew Hickman and Naomi Bruette returned as judges, with Pastor Morgan Kochenower ably filling the third seat of wisdom and decision. Ms. Bruette's British accent was in full flower throughout the evening, with an occasional returning echo from the performers. Marshalling his skills as MC, Alex "the Bieber" Helmer (class of 2014) introduced the show, and then filled in admirably at the end with an impromptu solo while the judges convened for their awards decision.  

When the judges returned, they awarded third place to Kareena Hansen (class of 2021)  for her stand-up comedy routine, with references to Midland teachers and events neatly blended into her regular humor material.

The second-place trophy went to Addison Murray (class of 2014) for her figure-skating skills; ably demonstrated by an inventive video taken at a local rink.

Pianist Lily Burke (class of 2019) walked off with the top prize of the evening for her piano rendition of Lane's Theme. This reporter caught a glimpse of the sheet music, and was suitably impressed with the difficulty level! Lily also participated in Never Smile at a Crocodile, along with eleven fellow stage veterans.

For those who came early, the Senior class served an Italian meal based on their weekly pasta hot lunch at Midland. If you wanted snacks and dessert, the Juniors were more than willing to serve you a rootbeer float, popcorn, or a hot fudge sundae.

Once again the crowd enjoyed a great program, and many thanks go out to the performers, the Finnegans, and Midland Adventist Academy. Make sure you check out our photo gallery for pictures of all the performers!

Student Reviews

by Emily Resz

Midland truly does have talent! On Saturday night the 26th of February, the Midland students put on a display of some of their many talents. The show consisted of everything from singing, playing instruments, and comedy acts to figure skating. Tthere was also a very interesting and amusing performance with the sousaphone! Justin Bieber’s “Baby” helped cleverly stall the program at one point, too. Overall the night was entertaining. I am so amazed by this schools talent!

by Megan Schlinsog
This year’s Midland’s Got Talent show was very entertaining. There was a lot of musical talent, and even some comedy. Also, there was a musical play production by the 4th graders (and some others). In the end, although every event act was quite exceptional, the judges had to pick the three most superior ones. Lily Burke got first place for playing “Lane’s Theme” on the piano. She was very expressive in her playing style, and definitely earned it. Addison Murray got second for a video of her ice-skating.  It truly was amazing to watch how people can be on ice. Finally, Kareena Hansen got third for a comedy act. It was very cute and had everyone laughing. In my opinion, the best part was when Kyle Pretzel came out and played the sousaphone at the end. It was hilarious! Overall, it was a great show, and I definitely plan on going again next year.