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Mission Trip to Honduras

Honduras - student groupSix Midland students are spending their spring break in Honduras on a mission trip. They are helping with nine new buildings, including a One-Day School. The weather has been in the 90s, but all are doing well.

Our six adventurers are Elizabeth Schlinsog, Camille Darrell, Nayome Frishman, Braden Frishman, Landon Frishman, and Jordan Wiles. Below are extracts from Elizabeth and Janell Daughenbaugh. Janell's husband, Pastor Shane Daughenbaugh, was the leader of the trip).


Tuesday, March 15

Honduras - school buildingsJanell - Awesome day today! We went at it hard and completely finished building NINE school buildings. The teamwork was amazing to see! Everyone was engaged and very enthusiastic about finishing. In one word, determined. The team sweated through 100-degree weather, scurrying around finishing siding, the fiberglass sections, and the windows. Around 2:30pm we all shouted and threw up our hard hats in celebration (luckily no one got hit on the way down).
   Tomorrow we go to the Valley of the Angels. We'll be staying at the Adventist Camp there. We'll be shopping and touring around this quaint town. Not sure if the camp has Internet, so you might not hear from us until we arrive in Houston. It had been an awesome trip. Your kids are great. Thanks for supporting them in this adventure!

Monday, March 14

Honduras - One-Day SchoolJanell - We went to the old school this morning and got to see the school that is currently being used. There were lots of smiles and tons of kids. We were able to give away about 10 soccer balls and some pencils. We are giving our stuffed animals away to the VBS group from California. It was cool to see how small the school was, and how much this new complex will be for these kids.
   We're working on nine buildings at the same time. Finished roofing them today, almost finished all the siding. Now we are gonna hit hard all the window frames and windows. We won't do the desks, but we are gonna try to finish all the structures tomorrow.
   Hot & sweaty today, but the kids were amazing. No one wanted to quit. It means a lot to them to finish this job, and we're going to get it all done tomorrow, our last day on site. 
   God has also blessed us with safety. A couple of mild sunburns and only one decent cut. No stitches, it was just super-glued back together and some good gloves to keep it from happening again.

Sunday, March 13

Honduras - Pacific OceanElizabeth - Today I was in the kitchen so we are here at the hotel. We have literally cut food the entire time today - no joke! I had no idea it took so much cutting to prepare food. We cut up cantelope for breakfast, and pineapple. For lunch we had to cut up watermelon, plantains, corn OFF the cob, carrots, cabbage and a whole bunch of other stuff.
  We went to the job site and set up the food, and ate some pupusas. After that we came back here and went swimming for an hour. I think I got a slight burn because I forgot to put on sunscreen.
   After our swim, we went back and cut up some cucumbers, tomatoes, and limes, then squeezed out the lime juice. Then we washed and peeled 70 potatoes! I never want to peel that many potatoes again in my life. My hands still feel disgusting from them!

Sabbath, March 12

Elizabeth - Today was Sabbath and we got to sleep in until 7!! We had our own Sabbath School, then went over to Monte Carlo for church. It was a good sermon and all the kids were super cute! It was funny to hear the speaker go back and forth between Spanish and English. 
   After church we went to the beach which was an hour and ten minutes away. When we got there, we found out that swimming wasn't allowed on the beach, so had to take a boat about 30 minutes to Tiger Island. When we got there we waded into the water and immediately saw jellyfish!!
   I tried to stay out of the knee-deep water and watch where I stepped, but that almost wasn't enough. I was walking along the water in inch-deep water when a wave came up and there was an eel like literally less than a foot away from me!! I screamed and some of the natives came over to try and get it but another wave came back and took it out to sea.
Honduras - church service
  We walked to the other end of the beach and went into a cave at the end and there were a whole bunch of bats flying around in a passageway off to the side. 
Janell - The kids led out in a group Sabbath School and then off to church service. We went to one of the local One-Day Churches in the area. One of the Maranatha guys, Carlos, preached, and it was a great church service. An awesome testimony about the spirit of God in your life.
   Haystack lunch and then off to the beach. Some of the kids swam in the ocean for the first time (Pacific). Saw jellies, El Salvador,  Nicaragua, cool volcano islands. We also went to the beach on Tiger Island.

Friday, March 11

Honduras - building framework
Elizabeth - Today was our second day on the job. I spent most of the day helping put up roof supports and the other part of the day helping put up walls. The trusses are up on almost all the buildings so everyone will be concentrating on roofing and siding. Towards the end of the day a lady came up to me and asked me something and I said yo no habla espanol. (I no speak spanish) and she was like yea? So I asked her if she was speaking in English and she said Yes but I don't think she understood because she spoke Spanish again! This time I understood it thanks to my Spanish mp3s. She had asked the time (la hora). Since it was 4:50 I counted uno dose tres quatro... Then Chealsea told her for me cause she knows some Spanish. The lady's expression was funny when I was counting on my fingers! 
Janell - Good day, and not as hot because the wind blew most of the day. Great day for teamwork; the kids did well and started to take initiative. When done with a job, they wanted more - great attitudes!
   We got roofs on three and a half buildings, I think. Siding on one. Five or six have all four walls framed and are ready for siding. We were slowed down today by lack of ladders. Yesterday it was drill batteries, and today ladders.Two other groups showed up today and took some of our scaffolding and ladders, but we managed and the kids were troopers.

Thursday, March 10

Honduras - group of students at hotelElizabeth - We got done with the first day on the job today. I am so sore and tired. I will probably go straight to bed after this. One thing I wish I had brought was knee pads. We were kneeling all day drilling stuff and the ground was really hot and all the metal shavings were on the ground and it hurt when you kneeled down. I got dehydrated so I drank a whole bunch of water... bad idea. Then I had a headache and my stomach hurt. So I sat out of about an hour's worth of work due to that but we are getting pretty far along. We have the framework for the siding all up and the trusses up on two of the buildings, and the roof up on one. Overall it was a pretty good day and definitely productive. They had two groups here before us and the combined total of everything they got done was 4 1/2 buildings. So far I have only said one word in Spanish and that was gracias to the guard who opened our door for us. 

Janell - Good day today, but hot (about 95 degrees). Couple of people had to hit the shade for a while, couple of headaches, but everyone made it through. Good amount of sunburns; hard to keep up with it even when reapplying sun screen every couple of hours!
   Got the wall supports up on nine buildings, trusses up on two, roofed one, and we're poised to do a lot tomorrow. The kids are learning a lot, teaming up and doing great work.Our goal is to finish 9+ buildings, and Terry thinks we can do it.
   Morale is good, at night the kids swim or play games on the patio, or crash in their a/c rooms. Good food. Tonight we had fresh hand-squeezed mango juice - pretty awesome.