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You're Special Because...
The following is one person's take on why they are thankful for our staff members at Midland. If you have any atta-boys you'd like to share, we'd be glad to hear them!
Mrs. Murphy - I’m thankful for the bright, shining smile that you bring in the door every morning and for the way you always find something fun and unusual to bring into the classroom --- like a hissing cockroach!

Mrs. Prosser – I’m thankful that you let the 1st graders come and read to us and that your class comes to the office to sing scripture songs. Keep instilling good habits in the young ones.

Mrs. Hoffman – I am thankful for the way you look at obstacles as challenges and not unsurmountable mountains. You’ve come a long way baby from the days of “oh, come show me how to create a document on the computer," to "I’ve been to 47 different websites and I found this example on You Tube and...”

Mr. Perry – I am thankful that we all have someone to Look Up To, not just because of your stature but because of your example. You’ve shown us that there are always other ways to try to work through a difficult situation if you just take the time to think a minute.

Mr. Hallock – I am thankful for your youth and the way you are not afraid to have some fun with your students. I must also mention that you’ve shown what a great Dad you are by totally changing your own habits and routine to fit your family life.

Mr. Courtad – I am thankful for your always-positive, let’s make this work, what can I do to help? attitude and for the fact that in every situation you are a Christ-like example to both students and staff.

Mr. Hutchison – I am thankful for our very own Midland Pied Piper, or Ukeleleyist who has taught even the youngest, wiggliest student what "hips, lips, hugs, bubbles" means. AND for the way you had our backs on Sabbath at the last moment, and the poetry you’ve brought to Midland and how you can hold class anywhere! If Music Be the Food of Love, Play on!

Ms. Pearson – I am thankful that you see into the lives of students, like any good dean. You want to know what makes them tick. You also love children’s literature and that’s where it really all begins. You remind us of the Uncle Arthur story about the Secret Surprise Package Company.

Mr. Teller – I am so very thankful that at least one of my children got to experience a year of Mr. Teller math because I can say with other parents and former students, “Best Math teacher Ever!” I am thankful that God led you to summer camp employment so that you would find your passion for working with young people.

Mr. Smith – I am thankful that you are an early bird. Mrs. Fairchild loves to tell people that she's not always the first one at school in the morning! Thank you for bringing history to life in your classroom. Your sense of humor always makes us feel right at home!

Mr. Borne – I am thankful for your deep, spiritual thoughts at worship time, that you are always willing to be part of SA events, Power-Up weekends, and other happenings at the school, even creating keepsake DVDs for Kindergarten parents. I hear students talk about the fact that they appreciate the way you explain and teach scientific things. 

Mrs. Bovee – I am thankful for the way you’ve taken the Life Skills class, something you hadn’t taught before and made it a fun, learning experience. Having your photos to put on the website always makes the webmaster happy!

Mr. Bovee – I am thankful that you have brought new things to Midland --- senior survival, RenWeb, Carol, Karina, Andrew to name a few. I’m also thankful for your leadership and helpfulness and the way you joke with Mr. Brazeal, making him stammer and stutter around.

Mrs. Reed - I’m thankful for the way you always try to find a way to make it work financially for a student to be at Midland Adventist Academy. We need about 10 more of you.

Mr. Brazeal – I’m thankful for your music, your perseverance and your bubbly personality. There are no dirty bathrooms, grimy floors, or road construction blocked roads that stand in your way. You are always trying to find a way to make Midland look good.

Mrs. Martin – I’m thankful that you are willing to plan, shop, prepare and serve lunches approximately 108 times a school year, never knowing how many lunches you need to prepare in a day. We like bringing you the lunch list and hearing you sing while you work.

Ms. Tracy – I’m thankful that you love to laugh and that you always seem to be having fun doing crafts with the after school students. It is nice to know that kids love to be at school until their parents arrive because you make after -school time fun.

Mrs. Rincon – I’m thankful that you were willing to arrange your schedule so you could come right in the middle of each day to teach 2nd grade language arts. I love your bulletin boards and the fun projects you bring to the classroom. Mr. Brazeal talks all the time about how you keep your classroom spotless.

Gerald Whitson - I'm thankful that you have a passion for Adventist Education. Even though you're not in the building every single day, your attention to spending and saving every little penny has helped put Midland on solid financial ground. You are a true champion for Adventist Education in our community and I am grateful. Don't get any ideas about graduating with your youngest --- we need you to be around for a long time!