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7th & 8th Trip to Helen Hyatt


After arriving at Midland we started our three hour trip up to Helen Hyatt.  Once we got there we began with our chapel, which consisted of a song service, scripture reading, and a short skit. The skit    explained how once we get into sin, only God can help us out. Then we started our basketball game. Our team didn’t do so well, but we put in our best effort. The final score was 2 to 23, with Helen Hyatt winning. After the tough loss we all had a delicious pizza lunch. The girls then headed over to the gym to begin our volleyball game. The game stayed close, but with our positive and encouraging a attitudes, amazing saves, and the loudest cheering section, we managed to pull out a win! This was super exciting because after about 5 years or so of losing against them in volleyball, we finally won! After having a great time up in Lincoln, we headed home. I’m so glad that I got to go up to Helen Hyatt this year….and finally win!!!!
By Emily Resz
Wow! The Helen Hyatt trip was awesome! We put on a chapel service, played basketball, played volleyball, and ate pizza! The boys lost the game but we kept our heads up! We cheered loudly and showed our Midland pride for the girl’s volleyball match. It paid off, because the girls won! We all had a great day in Lincoln. We were tired by the end of it all, but it was worth it! J
                By Jose Rios
Beginning early in the morning, we left for Helen Hyatt. After three hours of agonizing sitting, we finally arrived. Then we had a quick chapel, and after that the fun began! The boys played a long, hard game. They did their best. However, after an hour or two, they lost. The girls made up for it by beating the Helen Hyatt girls in volleyball. They had a great game that included Megan spiking! It was also unusual to get to see Emily serve underhand! All in all it was a great day. Everyone especially enjoyed shopping and going to Wendy’s on the way back.
                By Sara Pope
                The trip to Helen Hyatt this year was most enjoyable. Everyone talked to each other on the way there. There was also crazy laughter on the bus ride. Once we arrived at Helen Hyatt, we were greeted by their 7th and 8th grade class. The Helen Hyatt boys won basketball. After the game, we were all hungry. They served a nice lunch. For the volleyball game, the Midland girls won! On our way back from Helen Hyatt, we were all sleepy. It was an exhausting, but fun day!
                                By Michaela Raygor
                This past week, on May 29, the 7th and 8th graders headed up to Lincoln, Nebraska for our annual Helen Hyatt games! The day started out with the class leaving early in the morning to head towards Lincoln. When we arrived there we went into the College View Academy chapel room and did a short chapel to start off the day.
                After the chapel the boy’s (and girl) basketball team played a game against the Helen Hyatt boy’s team. It started out fairly close, but Helen Hyatt quickly took the lead and gave our guys a hard loss. 
After the game and a quick lunch, the girls played a volleyball game. The volleyball game was very close, but the Midland girls came out with an exciting win! It was a fun day enjoyed by all. I’m sure the class is looking forward to the games next year. 
                By Hannah O’Rear