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Welcome to Midland's Religion page

Bible classes at Midland are taught by different members of the Academy staff. Select a link below to access the desired class.

Bible 1 - This course will provide opportunities for students to better under¬stand themselves by interpreting God's interaction with man as seen in the Bible books of Genesis and Matthew. Topics of careful study include: the development of the Bible, origin of sin, family relationships, and the service of Christ. (Units 10, Semesters 2,  Mr. Tristan Karr)

Bible 2 - Included in this course is a comprehensive study of the life and administration of Moses and a survey of Old Testament history from Joshua to Malachi. This is followed by a study of the development of the early Christian Church, the Dark Ages, the Reformation, the Millerite Movement, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. (Units 10, Semesters 2, Mr. Tristan Karr)

Bible 3 - A study of the development of the Adventist church from the early 1800's to the present. Bible doctrines are discussed as part of our relationship to God. (Units 10, Semesters 2, Pastor Kyle Smith)

Bible 4 - This course is designed to develop the student’s Christian life skills, dedication and reliance on God. Students will be required to participate in church service and community service to further develop their love of worship, personal growth, and service to God and others. (Units 10, Semesters 2, Pastor Anthony Whitlow)