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Environmental Camp
by Erin Burke 
September 2010

My favorite class at Environmental Camp was Ropes and Knots. I learned to tie the bowline, the two half hitches, and the butterfly noose from memory. We also learned how to whip a rope, and worked on the clove hitch, the fisherman’s knot, and the square knot.

My second favorite class was Outdoor Survival. We got to make fires, see real live brown recluse spiders, and make rope out of grass. We also learned to recognize poisonous snakes, keep warm outdoors, and purify water.

Then there was Orienteering. It was pretty interesting, especially when we drew a comic man by following orienteering directions. We also learned how to dial in a number on a compass, turn in the direction of travel, and shoot an azimuth. It was really fun!

Last of all, there was First Aid. We learned how to stop bleeding, set broken bones, and care for insect stings and spider bites.

Some of the most fun activities, however, weren’t educational. Several of the days we girls went to the beach. We swam in the lake, chased birds, took pictures together, and built sand castles. 

On the last night, everyone went to the beach and had a bonfire. We made scenes from the Bible out of sand. Our cabin built Jericho, but then we got a bit carried away and built a road, the Israelite camp, the Jordan River, Mt. Sinai, the wilderness, the Red Sea, and a pyramid from Egypt. It was really fun, and we won the contest to see who could build the best scene.

Environmental Camp was probably the best field trip I’ll ever have!

(thanks to Angie Helmer and Gary Kruger for the photo gallery)