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Character-First Skits
by Dawn Burke
December 2010

The 5th and 6th grade class presented a chapel program on December 2 based on the Character First "Discretion" Pledge. Before the skits began, Mary Grace, Carrie, and Melanie led out in a brief song service, and Erin provided special music on the piano.

There are five parts to the Discretion pledge, and each group of students did a skit to illustrate one of the five parts. The students were asked to create or adapt the skits that they chose to use. Between each skit, Mr. Perry asked the student-audience to identify which part of the discretion pledge each skit illustrated.

Choose My Words Carefully (Carrie, Sam, Colin, Andrew, Jonny R.) - This skit involved Carrie, Colin, and Sam each interviewing for a job with Andrew and Jonny R. During the first interview, the three job-seekers used non-educated, disrespectful words during the interview, and ended up not getting hired. The three then changed their approach and did the interviews again; this time they used English accents and sounded very educated and cultured in the job interviews, landing the jobs they all wanted.

Practice Good Manners (Erin, Estibaliz, Marcus) - Based in a school setting, Estibaliz played the obedient, mannerly student, while Marcus was a smash at the student-without-good-manners. He was sloppy in his eating, disrespectful to Teacher Erin, and finally was sent to principal's office. Once he returned, he learned to use good manners and apologized to the teacher and to his fellow student for his bad behavior. 

Listen to Criticism (Andrew N., Naszik, Johnny Z., Colin, Drew H.) - Johnny and Andrew played against each other in an important soccer game. After the match, Coach Colin gave Johnny some constructive criticism about his soccer technique, and gave him some tips. Instead of getting mad, Johnny listened to the coach and played better in the next match, announced by commentator Drew.

Don't Make Fun of Others (Melanie, Sadie, Mary Grace, Carrie, Amy) - The first two actresses played the Mean Girls at school. Poor Carrie was the new girl and Amy the shy girl. The Meaner-than-mean duo picked on the new girl and shy girl constantly, making fun of their clothes, throwing leftover cafeteria food on them, and then cutting Amy's hair in the bathroom. As a result, they were called to the office of Principal Mary Grace and suspended. After the principal phone their parents to tell them, the mean girls decided to visit the shy girl/new girl and make friends with them--a group hug ensued. 

Turn Down Any Invitation To Do Wrong (Daniel, Brycen, Owen, Jonny R., Sam) - While walking down the street, Daniel was offered drugs by Owen and Jonny. He wisely refused, and went to the police station to tell policemen Brycen and Sam about the drug-dealers. The men in blue held a stake-out behind a table, caught the drug-dealers, then hauled them away after being handcuffed.  Later the policemen asked Daniel why he didn't accept the drugs, and Daniel said, "I decided ahead of time that I wouldn't ever take drugs."